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Tips and Tricks for Installing a Skylight Window

Skylights are a desirable feature that many homeowners wish to include as part of their loft conversion. Opening up an otherwise dark space, they can fill a room with much sought-after natural light, which is why when planning a loft conversion London property owners are keen to incorporate them.

Skylights, however, are not suitable for every type of home. Even if they are, there are certain factors to consider when planning on bringing them into your loft conversion.

Planning Permission

Something which is important in any loft conversion is checking whether you need planning permission. Your loft conversion company should follow building regulations and check at the outset that planning permission isn’t required. If it is required, they can guide you through the application process. 

Your plans will need to include any provisions for windows, including skylights. Furthermore, as part of the regulation process, your loft conversion company should check how much glass your individual property is allowed to have in terms of safety before starting the planning permission process.


Some people worry that having a skylight will lead to the too much natural light coming into the room, which will, in turn, make a loft conversion too hot. 

However, a good quality skylight is key to protecting against this. Some have a special UV coating to stop the room becoming too hot whilst protecting you against the sun’s rays.


It’s important to get the positioning of your skylight right. Speak to your loft conversion company about where the light comes in from so you can make the most of it.

Fixed or Vented

It’s important to decide whether you want to open the window or not. If you opt for a fixed skylight, as the name suggests, it is a fixed pane of glass and window frame which cannot be moved or opened. A vented skylight, on the other hand, allows the inhabitant to open it.

Some skylights also have an option to open a special air vent portion of the skylight only, which is excellent if you want to let a light breeze in but not have the window fully open.

If you’re unsure what type of skylight will work best in your new loft, or what you need to do to make sure it’s installed to your advantage, speak to a specialist loft conversion company such as Bespoke Lofts. We will guide you through the process from start to finish to ensure your loft conversion shines in all of its natural light glory.

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