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5 of the Best Loft Bathroom Ideas for 2020

2020 looks firmly set to be the year of the bathroom. Many homeowners are recognising the value of a gorgeous contemporary bathroom, and if you’re converting your loft this year, then you should be recognising some of the best loft bathroom ideas and incorporating them into your design.

The bathroom is no longer just the smallest room in the house, fitted out purely for practicality. It needs to be seen as a sanctuary and decorated as such, regardless of whether you go for contemporary and sleek or rustic and homely. Let’s take a look at five of the best loft bathroom ideas for 2020.

1. The new industrial look

The industrial look has been in for a few years, but one of the best loft bathroom ideas for 2020 is the ‘new industrial’ look. It’s softer than the concrete chic which has dominated industrial interior design in previous years, making it a great compromise for a family home with a bit of an edge.

Go for slimmer lines and delicate fixtures and fittings. Sharp lines and geometric angles can be teamed with round mirrors to soften the look. Monochrome works well with this style, but you can also introduce aspects like moss green tiles and a few house plants to keep the look contemporary yet family friendly.

2. Nature lover

Natural materials within the home will still be going strong this year, and the bathroom shouldn’t be an exception to this. When it comes to loft bathroom ideas, ask your specialist loft conversion company whether it’s possible to keep some exposed beams within your new room, as these can then be incorporated into the rest of the design.

Team your beams with organic materials – i.e., plenty of wood – and weathered surfaces underneath freestanding basins, for example. Alternatively, why not look at installing some reclaimed cabinets under basins, or as a storage unit? A good carpenter may be able to convert them and fit them to the natural nooks and crannies of your eaves spaces.

3. Hot and heated

A big trend in loft conversion bathrooms this year will be a heated floor. If you’re converting your whole loft, this is an easy installation as part of the overall build. Underfloor heating is also super warm and cosy; no more stepping onto a cold floor in the middle of the night!

4. Bold and beautiful

Bold colours are going to be huge in loft conversion bathrooms in 2020. Many people shy away from bold colours in bathrooms, as they deem the room too small to carry it off. But actually, in some ways, the smaller rooms can hold the colour better than large open spaces.

If you have an odd shaped wall within your loft conversion bathroom, this will automatically lend itself well to a feature wall. Alternatively, this is one of the best loft bathroom ideas if you just want to dabble in a new trend: keep your suite and walls white and accessorise with bright colours, instead. This way, if you don’t like it, or fashions change, it’s just a case of changing your linen and accessories rather than your whole room!

5. Freestanding does it

Above all else, one of the loft bathroom ideas that will still be going strong this year is the freestanding bathtub. It’s easy to see why; it gives an instant feel of luxury and a place to get away from it all at the end of the day. And if your loft conversion is your master suite, this is the perfect place to indulge!

How to bring your loft bathroom ideas to life

No matter what loft conversion bathroom trend you go for in 2020, Bespoke Lofts will help you to wash away the old and bring in the new. Get in touch to see how we can help you to bring your loft bathroom ideas to life as we embrace the new decade.

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