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Loft Conversion with Ensuite: A Great Idea at Every Stage of Life!

Many people choose a loft conversion because they want to add another bedroom, usually with an ensuite bathroom. Bedroom requirements are different at all stages of life, from childhood through to being a parent, and as with any major home renovation project, you’ll want to ensure it delivers lasting value.

A loft conversion with an ensuite bathroom is a fantastic investment for this reason, especially as an ensuite is such a major benefit in so many ways, and it adds value to your home, regardless of what life stage you’re at!

Children’s Bedroom and Ensuite Bathroom

Creating a loft conversion with a dedicated bathroom for your children may seem extravagant, but actually, letting your children have their own bathroom will create a wonderfully relaxing family bathroom for you as parents elsewhere in the home.

For starters, your children will have their own little hidey-hole up in the loft. This means all of their paraphernalia will be confined to the bedroom space under the eaves, including all those bath toys! Whether you create one bedroom with an ensuite bathroom, or two bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom is up to you, but just think: you’ll have your own bathroom away from the madness, which can be its own peaceful, grown up adult sanctuary!

Teenager’s Ensuite Bedroom

If you’ve ever lived with a teenager then you’ll know what a Godsend an additional bathroom is! Giving your teen their own space in the loft with a bathroom of their own will make family life that little bit smoother in the mornings, or even on a Saturday night when everyone’s getting ready for a night out.

Make sure you include plenty of storage within the ensuite bathroom so they can stash all their teenage grooming bits and bobs.

An Ensuite Bedroom for a Young Couple

Whether your university graduate has returned with his or her new partner in tow, or you’re a young couple yourselves, having a bedroom with an ensuite as part of your loft conversion is something rather special.

For couples living at home with their parents, the privacy is always valued. For young couples in their first home, it feels rather luxurious to have a loft conversion master suite, especially when coupled with contemporary décor, such as what we created in this recent East London loft conversion.

A Young Family’s Master Suite

Once you get into the realms of having a young family of your own, an ensuite becomes not just a little slice of luxury within the craziness of family life, but also a practical investment. If you have a small baby, any new parent will tell you that it’s lovely to be able to leave the child safely kicking away in its sidecar cot or sitting in a bouncy chair in the bedroom, yet still able to see them from the shower, because the bathroom is attached to the bedroom.

What’s more, as a family grows, it’s so much more practical to have more than one bathroom in the house.

Older Person’s Master Suite

And once the children have grown and flown the nest? Or you just need an easy access ensuite bathroom? Well, this is still a really practical investment in your home. Just think, not far to go if you need to use the bathroom during the middle of the night…!

No matter what stage of your life you’re at, whether you’re a couple, a family, or someone who would simply like to have an ensuite bathroom, don’t view it as a luxury; get in contact with Bespoke Lofts and see how we can create a beautiful ensuite bedroom in your loft!

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