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How to Bring Spring Elements into your Loft Conversion

Spring has sprung! And with it comes the chance to spruce up our homes. Alongside spring cleaning, this time of year is a good opportunity to reassess your décor and interior design, too. And if your loft conversion is in need of a little TLC, why not take this opportunity to bring some of the spring air into your home and enjoy the bright, fresh colours this season offers?

Alternatively – and if you’re currently in the build process of converting your loft - why not take some inspiration from loft conversion before and after pictures that include spring themes to get the creative juices flowing? If we’ve sparked a bloom of inspiration in your mind, here’s how to add a touch of spring sunshine into your loft conversion.

Soft Greens


With any interior design trend, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to go all out and decorate to the nines with one trend. Don’t feel that by adding elements of spring you’ll need to change your décor up for every season, either. There are ways that you can add spring-like touches which are evergreen for a year-round boost to your home.

Why not take elements from a spring palette and add them to your loft conversion? Green is a tone which immediately springs to mind in these fairer climes, so adding muted green tones to a room of a different colour will just give a hint of spring.

This could be adding moss green cushions to a grey bedspread or adding some pots of spring bulbs with their lush green foliage to a loft conversion workspace. Perfect below a bank of skylight windows for that all important natural light! Spring is about freshness and new beginnings, so just adding these new hints will help to lift the space within loft conversions.

Flower Power

For many of us, spring instantly conjures to mind all of those gorgeous spring blooms. Tulips, daffodils and hyacinths all work their magic to cheer us up no end at this time of year, so why not bring vases of them into your loft conversion? You’ll be surprised at the difference between a loft conversion before and after fresh cut flowers have been added; it will instantly make your loft conversion feel Instagram worthy!

Don’t forget that fake blooms are also all the rage at the moment too. Go for as good a quality bunch of fake flowers as you can afford, because you really do get what you pay for when it comes to fake blooms.

Look at Pinterest or Instagram and take some inspiration from designers with regards to how to style them for spring, but go easy on the rest of the spring-themed décor. This way you won’t overpower the space by making it too much about this season of blooms.

Failing that, if you want a more permanent nod to spring and all that it has to offer, why not choose a floral wallpaper design? Yes, it’s not a feature you can change up easily, but if you choose to create a statement wall within your loft conversion using floral wallpaper, it will be less about heralding spring and more about creating a space that you love with a beautiful focal point.

Easter Interiors

Many people decorate their homes for Easter, and your loft conversion shouldn’t be exempt from this. It’s traditional in many parts of the world to include an Easter tree within the home, which is usually made from long branches – pussy willow works well – and hanging small decorated eggs from them.

Although you may feel that an Easter tree is better suited to your dining room table, there are elements of Easter decorating that you can incorporate into your loft conversion. How about adding tall Church pillar candles in domes, with fake moss around the base to give that spring feel? Perfect for dormer window sills, but equally as lovely on a cabinet or table below skylight windows.

In the lead up to Easter you could even include tiny Easter eggs hidden in the mossy candle nest, and these could be removed once the Easter weekend has finished for a subtle spring ornament.

Brighten Up

Do you want to just give your loft conversion a bit of an overhaul this spring? Or perhaps your loft conversion project is due to start in the next month or two? If you want a fresh look and feel, how about decorating in super bright colours?

Think Cinco de Mayo Mexican fiesta colours: bright yellows, pinks and reds are in at the moment, and although it’s a much brighter look, it’s still perfect for spring because of its vibrancy.

Ready to create a loft conversion this spring? Get in touch with Bespoke Lofts

If you’re looking to convert your loft this spring, contact Bespoke Lofts. New beginnings can include new building work, and we can get your loft conversion ready for habitation for the warmer months ahead. We can give your home a little lift with a newly converted loft, putting a spring in your home’s step!

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