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Tartan Times in Interior Design

This warm and vibrant cloth, so often associated with all things Scottish, is perfect as the cooler weather sets in. It’s also perfect for loft conversions, no matter what you use yours for. Here’s how loft conversions in London can embrace the trend:

Tartan Study

Tartan or plaid materials work perfectly in a study to give the room a regal yet homely feel.

Add just a hint of the fabric through chair upholstery and cushions so as not to overpower the space or distract you whilst you work. Samples of tartan fabrics in simple frames can also be used as interesting pieces of artwork on the walls.

Tartan Bedroom

A loft conversion bedroom will feel warm and cosy with tartan styling. Use the fabric on soft bed throws, throw cushions and curtains. You can mix and match different tartans if you so wish, but just be careful to keep the base tones the same so that they complement rather than clash.

If you’re feeling brave, you could even add a feature wall of tartan wallpaper. Chimney breasts are perfect for papering in tartan as the small area covered doesn't overwhelm the room.

Tartan Library

Loft conversions make great libraries – or indeed, any sort of chill-out space – and tartan is the perfect fabric to give a library a bit of character.

Just imagine a cosy reading nook, complete with wing back chair and plush tartan throw. You won’t want to put your book down!

Tartan Playroom

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that tartan is solely a grown-up fabric. Yes, it is very sophisticated and can add an air of the refined to any space, but equally it works beautifully in a playroom.

Choose bright tartans and plaids in pinks, blues, purples and greens for the likes of throws and curtains. The vibrant colours will delight children and teenagers of all ages!

No matter how you choose to use your new loft conversion, or how you use tartan fabric, it’s an interior design trend that won’t go out of fashion quickly. If you’d like further advice on decorating your attic conversion, Bespoke Lofts will be happy to help. Enjoy a little slice of your very own Highland fling within your home!

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