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The Wow Factor of your new Loft Conversion


It meant an extra room, somewhere for someone to sleep or work, and a way of extending your home without losing some garden space. But nowadays? Nowadays, they are an extension of your home in more than just area.


Yes, it’s true, looking at a loft conversion before and after nowadays, you will really notice how many people incorporate them into the rest of their home, and use them to enhance their little corner of the world. By this we mean making the most of views, thinking carefully about décor and using the space as wisely as possible.


If you’ve got lofty aspirations and would like to make the most of your newly converted attic, here are a few easy ways to really give your new addition to your home the wow factor:


Consider your Loft’s Strengths and Style


The key to giving your loft conversion the wow factor – or indeed any room in your home – is play to its strengths. This means making the most of what your conversion naturally gives you.


So, if you’ve converted the attic of a country cottage, use this as your décor inspiration. Cosy up with floral prints, granny square blankets and a window seat in a chocolate box dormer. Use the natural nooks and crannies that you’re given to add a quirkiness to the room, and then enjoy the simple pleasure of curling up in bed, warm and cosy, with the elements whistling around outside.


Similarly, if you have spectacular views over the London skyline right outside your loft windows, make sure that you frame this with contemporary interior design and state of the art architecture to match..


Consider the Space you Have


If your loft has been converted in a rather functional manner, with no bells and whistles, then it’s best not to overpower the space. Keep your décor understated and unfussy, and furniture minimum and low key.


One pale colour painted throughout can really help to open up the space and bounce light around; although often considered a boring choice, white is actually ideal. Then, add tonal colours in your soft furnishings, rather than breaking up the space with bold pops of colour, as this can shrink the overall look and feel of the space.


Add some Personality


The key to giving any room wow factor often comes down to adding a little bit of your own personality. Your loft conversion is a blank canvas: don’t be afraid to use it to showcase some of your style and personality. We’d advise not buying furniture and ornaments just for the sake of filling the space if at all possible; live in the room for a bit and see if there are any special pieces you can find to give your room a bit of oomph.

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