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How to Have a Loft Conversion Dressing Area

For many, a loft conversion gives a home a beautiful master bedroom suite. This will usually include an en suite bathroom, and for many homeowners, when it comes to loft conversions ideas for master bedrooms, they often decide to include a dressing area, too.


Did you know that this is quite a simple thing to include in your new space? And we have ideas for a dressing area, no matter how big or small your newly converted loft is!


For Small Lofts


If you have a loft conversion which is on the small side, then you can still have a dedicated dressing zone. Start with a dressing table: this will at least give you a space for grooming. If possible, have this in an area zoned off from the main bedroom, preferably right outside the en suite bathroom. If you’d rather, you could have a double sink area outside of the main bathroom, as is often found in American hotels, instead of a dressing table.


From here, include bespoke wardrobes as close to your grooming area as possible. This is a great compromise to having a dedicated walk in wardrobe, and can work well on busy mornings to have a space specifically for hair, make up and then dressing!


For Medium-size Lofts


If you have a good sized loft conversion, it’s easy to zone an area of the room as a dressing area, without detracting from the rest of the space. The key to this is creating a false wall, which can house your dressing room behind it. For example, have your loft conversion company create a false wall behind your bed; it doesn’t have to be a huge space, but enough to walk into and have hanging rails on one side.


From the outside, it will just look like a wall with your bed and bedroom furniture in front. And from inside? Your little, dedicated treasure trove of clothes!


For Large Lofts


The sky’s the limit if you have a large loft conversion! When it comes to large loft conversions, ideas for dressing rooms can be as extravagant as an entire dedicated room!


Why not create his and hers dressing rooms on either side of the bathroom? Remember to include bespoke hanging rails and storage spaces for the likes of shoes and accessories, as well as a dressing table and full-length mirror.


If you’d like to include a dressing room as part of your new loft conversion, get in contact with Bespoke Lofts. We have experience of creating dressing rooms in loft conversions of all sizes, and it’s often easier than you’d think to find a solution to suit your needs!

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