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Summer Loft Conversion Trends: Totally Tropical

Summer is here, and you may be wishing to bring some of the outside into your home. Indeed, you may wish to bring a little bit of your summer holidays into your interior design, too. Well, when it comes to loft conversion ideas, the totally tropical interior design trend could give you just that! 

Here’s how to achieve that tropical island feels in any type of loft conversion room:

Home Office

Adding a totally tropical feel to a home office may seem like a difficult task, as you’ll probably want to keep the room fairly conservative on the whole. But there are some simple ways to add a touch of the tropical. These could include:

·       Framed leaf prints: think leafy ferns, for example.

·       Hints of bright pinks, lime greens and acid yellows: this could even be in the form
of your stationery on show on your desk.

·       Bold cushions: if you have a seating area as part of your home office, add bold
flower print cushions.

By adding simple touches of the tropical, you won’t overdo it but can still add a summery feel to the room.

Guest Bedroom

We always feel that you can go slightly ‘out there’ with your choice of interior décor for a guest bedroom. After all, your guests won’t be residing there for very long, and you can give them that boutique hotel feel by going bold.

Slightly more daring tropical ideas include the likes of print wallpaper. This could be large tropical flowers, or maybe even something as bold as a flamingo print! Add this as a feature wall, then keep the rest of the room – including soft furnishings – fairly neutral. You don’t want to give your guests a headache with clashing prints after all.

Children’s Bedroom

Decorating a children’s bedroom in a tropical style can be really fun. Why not opt for jungle inspired wallpaper, and then make sure that all other furnishings, such as curtains and light fittings, have a complementing print? Keep one base shade throughout the room – such as a moss green – to tie it all together.

Ensuite Bathroom

The way to decorate an ensuite bathroom with the tropical feel is to think spa. You don’t want it to be dark or depressing; it should be lush and vibrant. Branch out from the greens and pinks usually associated with the tropical look, and perhaps opt for a jewel purple or a stone grey. Both of these can then be enhanced with the likes of green linens and real plants.

For more loft conversion ideas, speak to Bespoke Lofts. We are happy to provide a free quote and help work towards your design inspirations. Contact us today to discover more.

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