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New Year, New Loft Conversion Design Trends

New Year is a great time to refresh our living space and carry out some much needed home improvements. Whether you’re looking to completely convert your loft space into a habitable room, or just refresh an existing loft conversion, there are certain interior design trends predicted for 2017 which will really make your space stand out. We’ve rounded up the best of those trends to breathe style into your loft conversion and these include everything from loft conversion studies through to loft bedroom ideas!

Contemporary Cork

Yes, cork really is going to be a big trend for 2017, as are all natural building and interior materials. But how do you use cork in a contemporary manner and not make your loft conversion look like it’s channelling the 1970s? 

The key to making this look feel more 2017 and less 1970 is to use the cork as a feature wall. Opt for one large sheet of corkboard rather than individual cork tiles for a seamless look, and add plenty of interest in the form of postcards and photos pinned to it. 

The fact that you can use it as a pin board makes this trend ideal for home studies located within loft conversions. Alternatively, how about using cork as a funky way to organise admin within a teenager’s bedroom?

Reading Nooks

Creating a dedicated reading area is going to be a big design trend in 2017, and a loft conversion’s nooks and crannies lend itself well to this. Why not turn a small area of your new master bedroom suite or home office over to a reading nook?

It can be as straightforward as a window seat in a dormer window, or a cosy armchair surrounded by built in bookshelves. Alternatively, install a floor to ceiling window on your gable end complete with built in study and work benches surround it, and fill ceiling-height bookshelves either side with everything from classic tomes through to coffee table glossy numbers.

Blue is the New Black

Everywhere you look in 2017, blue is going to be an interior design hit. Mood boards for the New Year are predicted to reflect everything from Nordic inspired winter tones through to luxury denim. 

Indeed, Dulux has recently announced their Colour of the Year 2017 to be ‘Denim Drift’, and both of the trends mentioned above – and many more besides for next year – focus on cool blues, so fill your new loft conversion with plenty of blue hues.

Cosy Chic

Remember that above all else, your new loft conversion will be an integral part of your home. As part of this, you need to make sure that it is warm and soft enough for you to relax in, or comfortable enough for you to work in. 

Guest bedrooms, master suites, home cinemas and teenage hangouts can therefore all benefit from the likes of colourful scatter cushions and plush throws.

Home offices and study spaces should be comfortable but functional. Not only does this mean that ergonomic seating is a must, but think about how much natural light you’ll have, what type of artificial light you’ll install and how you can make your working day not just more comfortable but more productive too.

Whatever plans you have for your home in 2017, make a refreshed loft conversion top of your list. For a free, no obligation quote for converting your loft, contact Bespoke Lofts. We’ll bring all of the top 2017 design trends to life within your new space.

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