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Au Naturel: Loft Conversions Inspired by Nature

It’s easy to see why: being at one with nature and the outside world is immediately relaxing, and so bringing it into our homes helps to add positive vibes to any room.

A loft conversion before and after the natural touch has been added can have quite a different feel. If you’re ready to be inspired by the natural world around us, here’s how to bring the outside into your loft conversion:

Wonderful Wood

Adding wood into your loft conversion is a great way to bring a subtle feel of the outside in. It could well be that you already have beams within your loft conversion that you can expose, and if so, perfect! However, you can also add plenty of wooden furniture to give a natural feel.

This year, interior trends are turning away from the light pines, beeches and bleached wood colours which have been in fashion up until now. Instead, add dark tones which are textured to give a bold look inspired by nature.

Fabulous Foliage

Whether you simply want to add luscious green tones to your soft furnishings, or want to bring natural touches indoors, interiors inspired by foliage are bang on trend this season.

Deep green velvet cushions can be propped alongside a foliage print cushion on a bed, finished with a display of garden greenery in small bud vases on a natural wooden bedside cabinet, for example. Team with soft grey tones so as to keep the overall look both subtle and natural.

Totally Tropical

Tropical is a fun look and you can add as much or as little as you like to your loft conversion. Not just for loft conversion bedrooms, the tropical look can work well in home office conversions and loft conversion bathrooms too.

Simply add some framed prints of tropical flowers or oversized leaves, or go bold and create a feature wall with large-print wallpaper. Flamingos are all the rage this year, if you’re feeling brave enough!

No matter how at one with nature you wish to be with your loft conversion, there is a look which will suit all types of room. Not sure which one to finish your newly converted loft with? Contact Bespoke Lofts as we’re naturals when it comes to loft conversions.

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