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5 of the Best Loft Bedroom Ideas

For many people, creating a bedroom in the loft is the main aim of converting their loft. Extra bedrooms are always desirable in a home, and there’s something really rather special about the likes of a master suite nestled under the eaves.

As bedrooms in an attic conversion are the most popular request we receive from prospective clients, we thought we’d round up the best ideas to inspire your loft conversion project.

1. The Master Suite

For many, the master suite is the loft bedroom goal. Creating a luxury, adult sanctuary within your loft, away from the hullabaloo of the rest of the home is a real treat and is a great way to utilise what is otherwise an inhabitable space.

So what should you consider as part of your loft conversion master suite? Well, a large bedroom which takes up the majority of the floor-plan makes for an extremely comfortable space, and an ensuite bathroom is a must. Plus, if space allows, why not add in a walk-in wardrobe or a dressing room? This will really give the space a luxurious, decadent feel, which is just the style you’re after in a master suite.

2. The Children’s Bedroom

Of course you might prefer the children to take up the loft room. If you have a large enough loft, it may be possible to get two bedrooms and a Jack and Jill bathroom within the space.

Alternatively, why not create a bedroom and use any additional space for a playroom area, which could then become a study, games or hobby area as the children reach their teenage years?

3. The Guest Bedroom

If you only have a small loft but would still like to add to the bedroom numbers within your home, how about creating a loft conversion bedroom which can be used for guests?

Talk to your loft conversion company about a simple conversion which utilises skylights to allow natural light to flow in and doesn’t require a lot of structural alteration. You won’t need lots of storage space or huge amounts of furniture within a guest bedroom, so the finished room doesn’t need to be overly spacious.

4. The Balcony Bedroom

In some loft conversions, it’s possible to add a little outdoor space to the bedroom. This is usually created by installing a small terrace area on a flat roof from the floor below. It’s a great option for the likes of inner-city conversions, or for attic conversions in flats which may not benefit from any other outdoor space. Alternatively, why not add a Juliet balcony to give the illusion of a balcony?

5. The Hobbyist’s Bedroom

Why not combine some of your hobbies with your bedroom space? A loft conversion is the perfect opportunity to do both!

For example, if you love reading, you could install floor to ceiling bookshelves on your gable end and a reading nook in one of the window seats, so that you’ve got your favourite novels to hand and the end of a long day. Or perhaps you have a teen who would love their very own mini games room? Just add a retro football table or a mini pool table to give them their own hobby hole!

Loft Bedroom Ideas from a Loft Conversion Specialist

There are so many options available when it comes to loft bedrooms, both in terms of usage and décor. They’re a great way of adding both space and value to your home, so why not contact Bespoke Lofts today to discover how your property could benefit?

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