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Why a Traditional Loft Conversion might be best for your Home

There’s nothing wrong with going for a traditional tried and tested type of loft conversion; read on to discover why…

If you follow anything to do with interior design trends, you’ll have heard the term, ‘wow factor’, and you will know that anyone who’s anyone in the interiors world will usually recommend standing out from the crowd. Whilst we also subscribe to giving your home the wow factor, here at Bespoke Lofts we also believe that sometimes, when it comes to a loft conversion, ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’.

By this we mean that a traditional loft conversion may well suit your needs and your home better than adding all the trimmings. Here are three classic conversions, and our reasons why we think they’re still great.

Skylight Conversion

What is it? A simple skylight conversion is just as it sounds: a conversion whereby there are no alterations to the exterior sightline of your roof, other than to add skylight windows. This type of conversion takes the least amount of alteration to your attic.

Why we love it: Exactly because this type of conversion takes the least amount of alteration, it’s often an economical way of adding another room to your home. If you’ve got a large loft simply by the nature of the way your home was originally designed, it will create a roomy conversion. Furthermore, skylights are a great way to flood the space with natural light.

Dormer Conversion

What is it? A dormer conversion involves adding a dormer window to your loft. This is the type of loft window which protrudes from a roof once the loft has been converted, often in a box shape.

Why we love it: Dormer conversions are a great way of gaining a little extra floor space, plus extra head height. If you have a view, a dormer window will allow you to look out over it, rather than up into the sky as with skylights. Modern dormers don’t have to have the ‘boxy’ feel they had ten or twenty years ago, and many homeowners add them to their conversion because they like the way that they enhance the exterior of their home.

Hip to Gable Conversion

What is it? Many homes have a ‘hipped’ roof that slopes on each side of the property and is tiled. A hip to gable conversion changes the end wall to what’s known as a ‘gable end’, i.e. a vertical wall which goes right the way up to the roof’s highest point. 

Why we love it: By creating a gable end, you’ll give yourself extra usable floor space. It eliminates the nooks and crannies created under the eaves, which makes it easier to install the likes of fitted wardrobes or storage space against this wall. Alternatively you could install a desk on this wall to create a small study area.

If you do wish to have a simple and traditional loft conversion created within your home, speak to Bespoke Lofts. We can help to create something practical and tried-and-tested. What’s more, we can help add some wow factor to the inside of the space to boot!

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