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What Additional Loft Conversion Costs should you Budget for?

When thinking about a loft conversion, it’s important to consider all of the costs involved. Any reputable loft conversion company will go through all of the costs and budget required with you from the outset, but have you thought about any additional costs? When it comes to a loft conversion Wanstead based homeowners or any Greater London homeowner needs to know what’s included in the costs from a specialist loft conversion company and what to budget for.

If you’re at the stage of considering a loft conversion for your in Wanstead or wherever your home is, although you might have a rough idea for the cost of the actual build, it’s a good idea to have in mind these additional fees that you might not have considered.

Planning Permission Costs

Not all loft conversions require planning permission, but where they do, this will be a fee that you’ll need to consider. The cost of your planning permission will need to be paid directly to your local authority, and will vary depending on which local authority you fall under, but will usually be between around £200 - £300.

Building Control Fees

Throughout the build, loft conversions are routinely visited by your local authority building control officers to ensure that health and safety regulations are being fulfilled. Again, the cost of this this service will vary depending on your own local authority’s fee, but in Wanstead, as an example, it’s approximately £600 + VAT.

For the cost of this, you’ll be visited at various points during the build to make sure that all is satisfactory. Once the build is complete, you’ll have a final inspection and assuming everything meets their requirements, you’ll be issued with a final certificate of the work for your records.

Certificate of Lawfulness

This is by no means a legal requirement, but if you plan on selling your property at some point after you’ve converted your loft, it’s definitely a ‘nice to have’ extra. It is evidence that the work carried out to your loft conversion is lawful and can be a useful piece of paperwork to have to show solicitors representing your buyers that everything you’ve done whilst converting your loft is as it should be.

Similarly, should the worst happen – and obviously we’d hope this would never happen if you’ve used a reputable loft conversion company – and you have any disputes with your neighbours over the work carried out on your loft conversion, it is a document that shows that all is above board. The cost for a certificate of lawfulness is usually in the region of £100.

Loft Conversion Design Costs

When in the consultation process with your loft conversion company, ask them about design costs and whether these are included in their quote. Some will include design costs, and others will ask you to speak to an independent architect, albeit perhaps one that they work with closely.

You may also wish to check with them where their service ends in terms of interior design; some will see a project through to the final lick of paint, and others will present you with a blank canvas in order to pick your own fixtures and fittings. Some companies will give you the option, in order to suit your budget!

With all loft conversion costs, the best thing to do is to speak to an experienced loft conversion company at the start of your loft extension journey, in order to find out what they include, and also what they’d expect in terms of additional costs. If you’re at the start of your loft conversion build, get in contact with Bespoke Lofts, as we will be happy to give you a no obligation quote, as well as outlining any additional costs.

Prices correct as of April 2019

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