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Loft Conversion Ideas for Challenging Spaces

Do you have an odd-shaped loft? Perhaps you feel that it would be too awkward a space to convert? Quirky spaces within a loft conversion don’t have to be challenging. We say work with what your loft has given you and embrace the space! Here are plenty of loft conversion ideas to give you a taste of what you can do. 


Working with odd structures 


If your loft conversion has an odd shaped structure, don’t think that this means that the space is going to be awkward to live within. The key to working around an oddly structured loft is to embrace its quirkiness and use the format to your advantage. This could mean exposing the beams of your loft to create a feature, or squeezing a bathroom under the eaves. Roll top bathtubs work well under eaves space for example. Use light colours on the ceilings and walls to stop the space from feeling low in head height so that you achieve a light and airy feel. 


Making use of light 


A great way to design around timber beams or a timber structure is to open the space up with a large Juliet balcony at one end. Go big with large French doors, as this will allow plenty of natural light in during the cooler months and use any gable end beams to frame the top of the window. It may be that you have a beam going horizontally across the top of the windows too. This will help frame the space. By using a large window and / or a Juliet balcony at one end of the room, you will find that the large wooden beams do not overshadow the room or close it in. Instead it will open the space up and allow plenty of natural light to flood the room which is key to balancing dark beams and awkward spaces. 


Using space wisely 


By using the space wisely we mean choosing your room type to suit the space you have available. There’s no point in trying to cram a master suite with a walk-in wardrobe and ensuite bathroom into a very narrow loft conversion. Instead, use this space for a children’s bedroom or a guest bedroom, and then re-evaluate the space downstairs to see if you can rejig the walls to create your master suite on the first floor. Children’s bedrooms work particularly well in narrow rooms, as little people often quite enjoy the cosiness of a bed situated snugly under the eaves, or a den created in an awkward alcove. 


Go open plan 


Open plan is all the rage in downstairs living. So why not incorporate open plan into your loft conversion ideas too? It’s a great way to use an awkwardly shaped room without having to enclose it with walls. Have your stairs open straight into the room with a balustrade to separate the space, for example, rather than having a wall surround them. And a freestanding bathtub within the main bedroom will give the room the feel of a swish boutique hotel. 


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Think that your loft is too awkward a space to convert? Get in touch! Here at Bespoke Lofts, our years of experience have given us plenty of loft conversion ideas for quirky space and challenging rooms. We haven’t had one defeat us yet!

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