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Keeping your Loft Conversion Cool through Clever Décor Choices

Here we show you some choices which will make your loft conversion cooler in both temperature, and look!

Probably the worst aspect of summer is trying to sleep in a hot room on a muggy night. If you’re thinking of converting your loft, this thought could even go as far as to put you off. There’s a common misconception that loft conversions are particularly hot rooms within a home, but with today’s modern construction techniques, you can be assured that they are no hotter than any other room in the house.

However, when looking to dress a new loft conversion London residents can make the following wise décor choices in order to help keep it cool.

Cool Cotton

When it comes to bed linen for hot summer nights, nothing is more cooling that cotton. Whether you keep it on year round, or switch out the manmade fibres when your winter duvet comes off in the summer, cotton will keep you cool.

If you can’t be bothered with the creases that come with cotton, opt for a cotton blend instead for a low-maintenance alternative.

Colour me Cool

This may just be a case of mind over matter, but choosing cool colours may help to keep you physically cooler. Cool colours include greys, blues, greens and pastels, and of course classic white. There is some evidence that cool colours are soothing, which may also help your brain to switch off and get some decent sleep when the nights are hot.

Back to Black (Out)

Good blackout blinds are key, as they’ll keep the penetrating UV rays and heat out of the loft conversion.

Having said this, similar to it being a good choice to opt for cool colours for your décor scheme as a whole, it’s also wise to opt for cool colour blinds. Whilst you may think that blackout blinds have to be black or dark to do their job effectively, it’s actually wise to avoid dark colours as they can absorb the heat rather than reflect it.

Cool Internal Heat

Something to be mindful of is the heat given off from electronic devices and lighting. Try to turn off incandescent lights and heat generating appliances, and when installing them initially, place them away from the bed area wherever possible. 

By using clever interior design, you can keep your cool this summer. Contact Bespoke Lofts for a free quote to convert your loft space. Turn up the heat on your loft’s interior design, and turn down the heat on your sleeping space.

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