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How Loft Conversions are keeping Homeowners in the Capital

Living in London will always be an expensive prospect. There’s no escaping it… whilst the capital is a great place to live and work, with its vibrancy and diversity offering different amenities and vibes for different types of people, it is also the most expensive area of the country to live. So what do you do if you’ve outgrown your London home but don’t want to give up your London life and move to the suburbs? Loft conversions in London are the answer!

The high cost of properties in London

Property in London is expensive, reflecting the amenities and desirability of living in the capital. It may well mean, therefore, that you cannot afford the type of home to suit your needs or house your family.

If this is the case, then loft conversions are great for this type of issue. Many homeowners in London buy a smaller house, and then add an attic conversion to create the dream home which they may not be able to afford outright.

There are plenty of loft conversion ideas out there which can help you to achieve this, too. Whether you are looking to buy and create a family home with a master suite in the loft, freeing up the bedrooms below for the kids, or need the ultimate work from home office in the new loft space, you can create the home of your dreams in the capital with the help of loft conversions in London.

Gain more space with loft conversions in London

One of the problems with being a homeowner in London is the lack of space. Whilst it’s great to have so many amenities on your doorstep – or at the very least, a short train or tube ride away – the compromise to this is that many London homes are lacking in space.

What’s more, many houses are lacking, more specifically, in outdoor space. This makes extending a home difficult, as you may not wish to sacrifice what little garden you have to create more indoor space.

And this is where loft conversions in London come in, allowing you to extend your home in London, without sacrificing any of that precious outdoor space. Extending upwards means you get a sizeable extension to your home – up to the same size as the entire footprint of the downstairs of your home – without giving up any of that precious outdoor space.

Avoid the moving costs by extending your home with an attic conversion

Of course, one of the other aspects to consider when thinking about staying in London or moving to a bigger property outside of the capital is the cost of moving itself. House moves can cost thousands of pounds, through the cost of the move itself (removal vans, storage expenses, etc.) and the legal and professional fees, such as surveys, mortgage arrangement fees, conveyancing and, not forgetting, Stamp Duty.

In addition to this, there may be other expenses to consider, such as renovating costs, and you may still find that you need to extend your home to create what you need. And of course, there’s also the stress of moving; months and months of paperwork, phone calls, emails, organising and possibly the dreaded waiting game if you’re stuck in a chain.

By adding a loft conversion to your property, you can avoid all the stress of moving, stay in the home that you already love and avoid the moving costs; if you’re looking at moving to a property that needs work doing to make it perfect, then why not just stay where you are, in London, and add a new room within the attic instead?

There are plenty of loft conversion ideas out there to help you live the life you’re after in the capital. From adding children’s bedrooms to the loft space, through to studios and craft rooms or even a home gym. Whatever you’re thinking of moving out of the capital to find, an attic extension can help you to fulfil those needs.

Ready to discover how loft conversions in London can keep you in the capital? Contact Bespoke Lofts!

If you want to stay in the capital but are fast running out of space in your current home, or you can’t afford to buy your dream property, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts. We have plenty of loft conversion ideas to help you to turn your current property into the perfect London home for your needs, which in turn will help you stay in the capital.

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