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Chimney Breast is Best! Making the Most of your Nooks and Crannies

Character is key for many home-owners nowadays, and personally we’re all for the trend of making a focal point of chimney breasts.   

Have you ever considered that you could make a feature of any chimney breasts and other nooks and crannies within your London loft conversion? Any unusual features such as alcoves and recesses shouldn't be viewed as a nuisance. In fact, when it comes to chimneys, breast is definitely best!  

Bespoke Storage

Just because you've got a potentially awkward space in your loft such as a chimney breast or alcoves, it doesn't mean you can’t use them for storage if you so wish. 

If you think about it, if your chimney breast is straight up and down, you've got two ready-made spaces on each side either for bespoke wardrobes or cupboards, or for a more modern option, stylish open shelving to make a feature of the space.

Similarly, if your chimney breast is such that it forms an archway within the room, why not use the space under the arch for shelving, to really show off the character of your home?

Feature Walls

Of course, the easiest way to make the most of your chimney breast is simply to make a feature wall out of it. This is a simple procedure, with most people opting for striking wallpaper or paint in a contrasting colour to the rest of the room.
However, you can also make a feature out of a chimney breast by placing your bed in front of it, installing clever wall lighting on the breast itself or exposing the brickwork for that rustic, country cottage feel.

A Creative Work Space

Chimney breasts are a great place to set up a workspace. This could be within a dedicated home office, a study space in a teenage bedroom or a pretty dressing table within a master bedroom.

If your chimney breast is a standard straight up and down, it’s easy to fit a shelf to it at table level to create a workspace. Remember to include suitable wall lighting and shelving above the desk to make it as practical as possible.

If your chimney breast is an arch or triangular shape, why not fit the desk space within the alcove created by the arch or triangle, for something a little bit funky and modern? This way, you’ll be making the most of what could otherwise be an awkward space.

If you’re not sure how to best show off your chimney breast within your loft conversion, speak to Bespoke Lofts. As loft conversion specialists, we’re used to making the most of potentially tricky spaces. Don’t let a chimney breast hold you back; incorporate it within your design for a truly magnificent room!

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