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Considering a 'Wrap-Around' Loft Conversion

A perfect, L-shaped extension which fits neatly onto one, or two, of the right angles of your home, and which maximises conversion space. But did you know that the same principle can be applied to loft conversions too?


As a trusted loft conversion specialist, we’re starting to see more and more wraparound dormer loft conversions. Have you considered a wraparound loft conversion?


Why Consider a Wrap-Around Loft Conversion?


The obvious answer to why you should consider a wrap-around loft conversion is: space. A wrap-around conversion is one of the biggest types of conversion that you can create. Through the addition of a large, L-shaped dormer window, you’ll be adding as much space as is possible to your loft.


But more than this, if you’re someone who doesn’t like the sloping eaves of a traditional loft conversion and would prefer to have more head height than the sloping ceilings allow, then a wrap-around conversion delivers exactly that. It effectively flattens the roof on two of the four sides of your conversion, and gives you as much flat head height as is possible within a loft conversion.


What can be Created with a Wrap-Around Loft Conversion?


A dormer is traditionally associated with a large window, and this can also be the case with a wrap-around dormer conversion. Large windows can be placed on either side, to allow plenty of natural light into the space. This is great, therefore, if you’re planning on using the space as a hobby room, a studio or a home office.


Furthermore, the increased space can give you a wealth of possibilities for your loft conversion. Most people opt for a simple large master bedroom suite, with an ensuite bathroom and possibly a walk-in wardrobe, too. However, because of the space, it also opens up the possibility of two bedrooms, with a Jack and Jill bathroom, which is perfect for older siblings.


Does a Wrap-Around Loft Conversion Require Planning Permission?


Whether or not you will require planning permission for your wrap-around loft conversion depends on the overall volume of the proposed conversion. A good loft conversion specialist will advise you if they believe planning permission will be required during the initial consultation, and exact measurements can be given at the design stage.


If you’d like to learn more about wrap-around loft conversions, contact Bespoke Lofts. We can advise you on whether this will work well for your property and your needs, so that you can wrap your head around your new loft space. to make your loft conversion a success!

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