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To Share or Not to Share, that is the Question!

If this is the case for your children, before you go house hunting for that extra bedroom, have you considered converting your attic? A loft conversion in London is often the way forward for many families, and there are more ways than one of giving your children that extra room, too.   

Moving on Up

  For most families, the easiest way of gaining the extra bedroom required and keeping all family members happy is for the new loft conversion to be used as a luxury master suite for parents, with one of the children moving into the spare bedroom created on the first floor of the house.   

After all, why should the children have all the fun?! A house’s loft space will often be the biggest room in a property, so why not convert it into a beautiful master bedroom, perhaps with an adjoining ensuite or dressing room?   

The children will still be happy when one of them can have the spare room downstairs, and there will be no fights over who gets the big, beautiful, brand new room!   

Children’s Retreat

  Of course, if you already love your current bedroom, you might find it easier to relocate one of the children into the new loft conversion. Once children are of a certain age, and you’re no longer running in and out of their room through the night to manage their needs, there’s no reason why a child shouldn’t occupy the loft room.   

This works particularly well if you have an older child, and can perhaps split part of the loft space into a dedicated playroom for this child and their siblings to share, or if you want to create a dedicated teenage hangout.   

Share and Share Alike

  Of course, some children don’t mind sharing for the majority of the time, and just have niggles with their siblings every now and again, particularly if they are of very different ages with different needs, or if their personalities clash from time to time.   

If, on the whole, the children do get along, and you’ve got the space in the loft, why not create two bedrooms in the attic, and perhaps the children can share a bathroom in the loft space too? For siblings that generally enjoy each other’s company, this can be a great compromise, and it gives your home two new bedrooms to boot.   

Whatever needs your children have, there’s almost always a way around it. Speak to a loft conversion specialist at Bespoke Lofts about the best way to share your home fairly for all family members.  

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