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How to Create a Loft Conversion Study

It’s always useful to have a study space within your home. You know, somewhere to house a computer of some description, plus all of your correspondence, files and even the likes of craft equipment.

Of course, if you work from home, a home office is invaluable and may be why you’re thinking of adding a loft conversion in the first place. If, however, you’re creating a guest bedroom, playroom or gym within your loft, you may wish to consider sectioning off an area as a study.

The ability to be able to work from home – or indeed, just being able to organise one’s life admin – is a valuable commodity in London. Loft extensions allow homeowners in the capital to create the study space required.

Gable End Studies

A gable end offers the perfect space to create a study within a loft conversion. The awkward angles that the roof pitch can offer work well when filled with shelves to house files, books and trinkets. Add a desk space in the same tone of wood as the shelves, and paint the wall a bright, vibrant colour to give a feature wall feel.

Landing Learning

A home office on the landing is a popular idea in many homes, as often this space is too small to do much with, but too large to go to waste. Either use the landing space as your staircase emerges into the loft, or you could use the landing on the first floor if enough space is available.

A landing study is a particularly good idea if you’re converting your loft into two children’s bedrooms, as the home office on the landing can be shared by the children as a homework space. Make sure to include some grown up touches, however, to make it welcoming for those times when you need to complete any paperwork.

Screened Studies

If you don’t have the space to create a separate room within your loft conversion to house your study, you could always add a desk space within the main loft room. A desk is a small area to turn over to a study, and many are compact enough, and have doors to shut admin away, so as not to take over the whole room.

Remember that you can always buy room screens to section off the study area, or alternatively, if you’ve got a little bit more space, zone the room by placing a sofa in front of the desk to section the area off.

No matter how big a space you have, a small home office is a small sacrifice to squeeze in. Speak to Bespoke Lofts for loft conversion study ideas as well as a no obligation free quote.

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