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Moving Home too Stressful? Convert your Loft

Did you know that moving home is ranked up there with divorce and redundancy in terms of stress levels? That’s why when it comes to loft conversions, Essex homeowners will always be less stressed with this choice than with moving. Here are our top reasons why you should improve rather than move:

1.    Pack up your Loft, not your whole Life!

Many of us are guilty of using our loft space as a bit of a dumping ground. But how many of us do that with other storage spaces in our homes too, such as cupboards, sheds and garages?

Just imagine having to pack all of that clutter and move it somewhere new, just to unpack it in your new cupboards, shed and garage. Yes you’ll have to sort out the clutter stored in your loft before you convert it, but it’s a good opportunity to take stock, have a clear out and gain more space without having to pack up your whole life.

2.    You’ll Probably Still Need to Decorate if you Move

Even houses that seem to need very little doing during a viewing often have more hidden jobs required than you may think. Paintwork requiring touching up, holes in flooring being covered by furniture, leaky bathroom suites needing replacing, we’ve heard of it all!

Why move somewhere new, just to be faced with these decorating tasks, when you could just decorate your new loft conversion in a house that you already love?

3.    No Hidden Fees!

The great thing about a loft conversion is that all the money you invest in it is yours. There are no solicitor stamp duty fees, and you can see exactly where your money is going. All this and you’ll probably get a return on your investment too in the shape of added property value.

If you’d rather convert your loft than move, Bespoke Lofts are the right people to speak to. Any possible disruption you may experience can be discussed thoroughly so that you know what you’ll be undertaking, and we’ll also explain how we’ll keep any disturbance to a minimum. Don’t stress yourself out by moving, convert your loft instead!

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