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Loft Conversions: It’s not just what’s on the Inside that Counts…

When we start working with our clients on their new loft rooms, we see them being carried away on a daydream regarding the interior décor of their new loft conversion. And who are we to blame them?! It’s important, however, to remember that the outside needs a professional finish, too.  

Think about the current style of the rest of your house, and how you want the new addition of the loft conversion – especially if you’re adding a dormer window – to look. There are several ways to finish the outside of your loft conversion. Leytonstone customers, have you considered the below exterior finishes?

Tiles and Cladding

The most common exterior finish for a loft conversion is the use of tiles or cladding. Obviously if you are having skylights rather than a dormer window, then the finish will be the roof tiles themselves. If you’ve opted for a dormer window, or a dormer with a Juliet balcony, then the tiles you choose for the outside of this will normally match your roof tiles.   

Bear in mind that using tiles to clad a dormer window can give quite a contemporary, contrasting feel against the rest of your house. For example, it can look quite stark against a brick building, but it will also give the new addition to your home a modern twist.

Floor to Ceiling Windows

For a really contemporary exterior finish, dormers can be designed with a wall of floor to ceiling windows. This obviously means that there is no need for any cladding on the window side, just on the other walls of the dormer.     

If you have a fantastic view, then floor to ceiling windows will make the most of this plus finish off the outside of your conversion nicely. Similarly, if you’d like a really different look for the exterior of your home, or a look which is in complete contrast to the rest of the house, then this idea could be for you.


Rendering is the usual alternative to tile cladding. This external plasterwork gives a crisp, clean finish to the conversion, both on dormers and gable ends, and if the remainder of your home’s exterior has been rendered, then it’s often a good idea to finish your loft conversion in this way, too.    

If you’re undecided on how to finish your loft conversion from the exterior, then speak to Bespoke Lofts. When talking to you initially, we’ll talk you through the different looks and the pros and cons of each of them. Who says it’s just what’s on the inside that counts?!

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