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Choose a Bathroom Suite for a Loft Conversion

When it comes to London loft conversions, firstly consider the following.


• What is your water pressure like? If you have a gravity fed system with a tank in your loft, will you need to install a shower pump?
• How much room will you have to play with?
• Are you creating a complete extra bathroom as an ensuite to loft conversions bedroom, or do you simply need a cloakroom toilet within your loft?
• If you are creating a full bathroom, do you need a bath, or will a shower cubicle suffice?


Once you’ve thought through these points, speak to your London loft conversion specialist company, and consider the following advice when choosing the ideal bathroom suite for your attic conversion.


Save Space in your Design


When converting your loft, although you’ll have an entirely blank canvas within which you can add your bathroom, space will still be at a premium. Therefore the bathroom shouldn’t overshadow the rest of your loft conversion.


It’s a good idea to choose fixtures and fittings which will maximise the space that you have. Use awkward corners, for example, and opt for corner-fitting suite, such as triangular shaped toilet cisterns. If at all possible, try to work out where the soil pipes are located for the rest of your home and fit your toilet to these so that you don’t require additional pipework.


Similarly, sinks can be fitted in corners, as can baths. Opt for a crisp, contemporary corner bath in a plain, striking white so that it doesn’t give your bathroom the feel of a more dated 1980’s corner bath.


Bath Suites


If you’re creating a master bedroom suite within your loft, you’ll no doubt want a bath within your ensuite bathroom.


You may be worried that it will be difficult to fit a bath within your loft conversion, but actually the sloping eaves of loft conversions, and the idea that a master suite should be luxurious, mean that loft conversions are ideal for a freestanding bath. Remember that a bath need less head height than a shower, which making them perfect for sloping ceilings!


Shower Suites


If you’re happy to add just a shower to your loft conversion, then you will need to consider how the shower will be fed. In many homes with a water tank, the shower head will be located at a higher height than the tank, which clearly won’t work with a gravity fed system! An electric shower is, therefore, a good option.


To fit a shower enclosure successfully into a loft conversion, try to choose an area of the loft which doesn’t have a sloping roof. If this really won’t work, speak to your loft conversion specialist about including a wet room shower instead of a walk-in shower.


No matter whether you opt for a bath, a shower, a wet room or just a toilet, we’d strongly recommend adding a bathroom of some description wherever possible. If you’re at the start of the loft conversion process, contact Bespoke Lofts to find out how we can include a loft conversion bathroom within your attic design.

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