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Can a Dormer Window ever be Attractive?

Many people are put off converting their loft when it involves a dormer window as they believe that the outside of their home will be compromised aesthetically. It’s important to remember, however, that gone are the days when a dormer window was an ugly box stuck to the roof of a house like a barnacle. 

Alongside the added benefit of creating more head height and space within loft conversions, they can actually be made to look quite attractive nowadays. Even the traditional square, box-style can be made to look like part of the house with modern finishing techniques.  

Not sure that you want it to blend in or quite fancy something different to the norm? That works well with modern loft conversions too, just choose a completely alternative, attractive dormer instead.

Chocolate Box Cottage Dormer

The traditionally pretty alternative to the old-fashioned dormer window is the chocolate box cottage dormer. These are small dormer windows finished with a pitched roof, reminiscent of charming country cottages. They add height and space but in slightly smaller segments as it’s usual to have two windows side by side rather than the traditional one large dormer present on most conversions.   

What’s more, these can even be dressed up further still with the likes of ornate mouldings and decorative tiles on the front, if this is what takes your fancy. If not? Well, just match them to the rest of your existing roof so that they blend in with rather than detract from your house!

Wood Cladded Dormer

Many homeowners are opting to finish their dormer windows with wood cladding nowadays which gives a modern feel to the traditional box window. Why not choose a colour of cladding which contrasts with the roof tiles to make it a bit of a feature? We particularly like white, grey or cream cladding for a fresh, complementary feel.

If you already have wood cladding on all or part of the rest of your house, then this is definitely an option that you should consider for a loft conversion dormer window, as it will stop the conversion from looking out of place.

Curved Dormer

This is an alternative option to the traditional box dormer, and suits both a contemporary and period home depending on how it’s fashioned.

Choose tiles which blend into the roof of the rest of the house if you wish to keep it sympathetic, or make the windows stand out with clearly defined lines and perhaps even a different colour or tiling scheme. This works particularly well on a modern home which requires a little bit of the wow factor.

A Completely Glass Dormer

You may be thinking that surely any window must be made from glass?! And yes, that is of course true, but by a completely glass dormer we mean a dormer where the two traditionally solid walls on either side of the glass are in this instance made from glass too.   

Perhaps add leading to dress the windows up, or a Juliet balcony to the front. Either way, this type of dormer is all about the glass being the focus rather than the look of the sides and roof.   

No matter what type of dormer suits your home, Bespoke Lofts will make sure that it doesn’t look out of place. It will become as much a part of your home as the original four walls and the family that live within it! 

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