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Loft Conversions: Are you Prepared?

Converting your loft is a big deal in every sense of the build. It needs a fair amount of preparation but it will also give you a wonderful new room at the end of it all. But have you thought about all aspects of the work you’re about to undertake? When it comes to a loft extension, Walthamstow residents can get prepared by considering the following:

Getting Prepared

1. Decluttering: 

Your loft will obviously need to be decluttered, and you’ll have to find homes for everything that was previously stored in your loft. This obviously requires some time, effort and organisation.

2. Accessibility: 

Speak with your chosen contractors to find out what they will need with regards to access to your loft area. Sometimes it’s just access through your home, and sometimes they’ll need external access. Ask them how many vehicles they’ll be parking within the vicinity of your home too so you work out whether you’ll need to plan around this.

3. Finance: 

Obviously you’ll need to ensure that you’ve got enough funds to cover the cost originally outlined by your loft conversion company, and it’s always wise to have a contingency fund too.

4. Disruption:

Although a good loft conversion company will always look to minimise disruption to your home, there will still be a fair amount of tradespeople in and around your home while the work takes place. You’ll also have to prepare yourself for the likes of dust, noise - and port-a-loos, too!

Always Keep the Good Points in Mind

1. You won’t have the inconvenience of moving: 

By converting your loft, you won’t have the expense or inconvenience of having to move. You’ll only have the loft space to pack up rather than your entire home, and you won’t have to worry about the expense of removal costs, estate agent commission, legal fees or stamp duty either.

2. You’ll add value to your home: 

No only will you save on your moving expenses, but you’ll also usually add value to your home. It is estimated that loft conversions add up to 20% to a property if done to a high standard, so you’ll gain value rather than having to shell out.

3. Disruption should be kept to a minimum: 

Most loft conversions take between 6 – 8 weeks to finish, which is a relatively short space of time in the scheme of things, particularly when you’re creating your dream home.

4. You’ll gain a beautiful new room! 

And of course this is the whole point of a loft extension: you’ll gain valuable living space at the end of the build. Just think what you could do with it your new room, too. It could be a master bedroom suite, a children’s playroom, a home cinema or a home office. Whatever accommodation you need, a loft conversion can provide.

When it comes down to it, the benefits of a loft conversion far outweigh the disruption. Yes, there is a lot to think about, but if you weigh this up against the prospect of moving and getting a brand new room at the end of the work, you’ll see that a loft conversion wins hands down. Need a loft extension in your Walthamstow home? Contact Bespoke Lofts today.

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