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How to Embrace Hygge for Cosy Loft Conversions

Still not sure how you can make Hygge work for you within your loft conversion? Here’s how to embrace it.

Everyone who is everyone in the interior design world is currently talking about Hygge. Until recently, it was a fairly unknown idea in the UK, but the Danish concept is making its mark on interior design and the way we live more and more. 

Pronounced “hoo-gah”, it doesn’t have an exact translation in English, but is normally defined as living a simplified lifestyle, yet living well, and often involves the concepts of cosiness and togetherness. It’s more than just an interior design trend, it’s a way of life, but it’s one which is most often found as a mark of how our homes work for us.

But how can we embrace Hygge within loft extensions? North London lovers of the simple but good life, it’s easier than you think to add a bit of cosy to your conversion!

Step 1: Think Texture 

Hygge is all about creating intimacy and a cosy ambience within any given setting. As an interior design trend therefore, texture is key. Luxurious, soft throws, warm woollen cushions and chunky knit blankets added to a loft conversion bedroom will instantly give the Hygge feeling.

Layer textures together to give a beautifully tactile feel to the room, and remember that fabrics can also be used as window dressings and framed on walls to add another dimension.

Step 2: Embrace Mood Lighting

Mood lighting doesn’t have to be a complex arrangement of multi-functional lights within your room, although the addition of a loft conversion to a home is a great opportunity to install a variety of lighting within your new room. Hygge mood lighting can be as simple as a chunky candle, or a rustic table lamp.If you have a fireplace within your loft conversion, why not fill it with simple white candles to give off a cosy yet minimal look to your room? 

Lamps work particularly well within a loft conversion home office, as you can add lighting according to your working needs and the time of day and year to keep you at your most productive.

Step 3: Put your own Stamp on it

Hygge isn’t necessarily about having everything brand spanking new, nor is it about buying pre-loved accessories when you don’t absolutely love them; it’s about creating a space for you: a space which you love.

This often means adding your own stamp to your loft conversion if you wish to make it Hygge. For example, proudly display favourite coffee table books and novels on bedside cabinets, frame the likes of old record covers and create a display on one wall, and add pieces of furniture which you love for both their function and their looks. 

Yes it’s a little bit eclectic but it’s about living well, and this means making yourself feel at home.

Step 4: Add Music!

Music is a big part of Hygge, and while it’s not traditionally part of interior design, when planning your loft conversion, you can, of course, incorporate music within your new room. For example, you could have speakers hardwired into the ceiling or wall to pipe music throughout the space, or you could ensure that you have extra sockets to always have a retro radio plugged in.

As you can see from all of the above, Hygge isn’t one thing or another. It’s a whole made up of a lot of different aspects. You’ll be pleased to know that beyond the basics, there really are no rules, and as long as you feel comfy and cosy within your loft conversion, you’ll be embracing Hygge like a Dane. 

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