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Interior Design: Is Blue the New Grey?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen the trend for neutral and magnolia colour schemes inch more and more towards grey tones. Yes, when it comes to interiors, each and every one of the fifty shades of grey has been in fashion in recent years. But now? Now blue is the new grey!

Yes, you did read that correctly: when it comes to your new loft conversion, London residents with a penchant for en-vogue interiors need to have the blues. How can you incorporate a blue colour scheme into your newly converted loft? Here are just a few ideas.

The Colour is Cornflower

The shade of blue which is really in fashion when it comes to interiors is cornflower blue. It’s a rich blue which is deep enough to give some warmth and colour to a room, but soft enough not to overpower it. 

Painting a loft conversion bedroom in this shade will give a comforting, homely feel to the room but with a stylish twist. Team with pewter coloured accessories and rich, luxurious fabrics on beds and window dressings to really give the room a deluxe but still comforting feel.

Featured Blues

If you don’t want an all over blue room, how about adding a feature of blue? You could just paint one wall blue, but if you want to do something slightly more modern, opt for blue patterned wallpaper. A large, oversized paisley print, for example, will give a bold yet contemporary look to a home office, or a modern bedroom.

Alternatively, for something a little more rustic, how about going all beach hut and creating a feature wall of very light blue wooden floorboard inspired paper?

On the Tiles

Not sure about having blue in your main loft conversion room? Why not create a blue bathroom instead? Choose blue metro tiles – a striking teal or petrol blue is a modern choice – and team with plenty of chrome, plenty of white fixtures and fittings, and a very light coloured wood-effect flooring. By balancing the blue in this way, it won’t overpower the room.

Alternatively, a white bathroom with a blue-sided roll top bath can be quite the loft conversion feature!

Baby Blues

Light sky and baby blues are still in fashion, and are a great choice if you’re nervous of a blue room but still want to be in fashion. Of course, baby blues are perfect for a child’s bedroom. Both girls and boys can enjoy a blue bedroom, and other colours such as splashes of pink or grey can be incorporated to change the overall feel of the room.If you need some inspiration for a beautiful blue loft conversion, contact Bespoke Lofts. We are happy to finish your loft conversion project right through to the painting and decorating, and will be able to advise on the best way to use blues within your project. After all, blue is the new gr
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