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Top 5 Loft Conversion Lighting Ideas

Bespoke Lofts - loft conversion lighting ideas

Loft conversions – and our homes in general – should be full of light. Whether natural or artificial, there are plenty of excellent loft conversion lighting ideas which can light up your loft. Here are our top ideas to brighten up your loft conversion.

1. Plan for lots of natural light

The best and most obvious choice for loft room lighting is natural light. If you can harness and maximise the natural light which comes into your new attic room, this is half the battle. Light, and especially natural light, acts as a mood booster, so it's essential to use what nature gave us first and foremost.
Natural light can come in many forms, but our favourites for a loft conversion include:

  • Roof light windows – one of the most popular choices for loft conversions, roof light windows let in plenty of natural light due to the angle of installation on the roof. They're also the most budget-friendly option.
  • Dormer windows – a dormer window is an excellent option for both natural light and creating extra head height. Combine this with floor to ceiling windows to allow in as much natural light within your loft space as possible.
  • Floor to ceiling gable end windows – where there is an exterior gable end, you can add floor to ceiling windows that extend up to the roof's apex to maximise the natural light within the loft room.
  • Balconies – whether a Juliet balcony or a balcony that you can walk out onto, the nature of the floor-to-ceiling doors will help to fill the attic space with plenty of light.
  • Sky lanterns – in an attic conversion with awkward spaces, a roof lantern can add a good dash of natural light into the room.

When in the planning stages of your loft conversion, make sure you speak to your contractors about designing the room with plenty of natural light in mind.


Spotlights are a popular choice in loft conversions. They don't take up a lot of ceiling room due to being installed within the ceiling itself, and they mimic natural daylight thanks to their brightness.
If your new loft room receives little natural light, spotlights are a great choice, although it's important to be aware that they can become very hot, so make sure they are installed at points in the ceiling which are out of reach.

Wall lights

Wall lights are similar to spotlights in that they are bright and imitate natural light, but the bonus of wall lights is that they can often be adjusted to highlight certain features. This is perfect if your attic conversion will be used as a home study, for example, or a craft room, as the wall lights can be directed onto a desk or workspace to give extra light where it is needed most. You could also provide a bed that hotel room feel by having two wall lights on either side, perfect for before-bed reading!

Similarly, don't shy away from awkward nooks and crannies when it comes to attic room lighting. Instead, use wall lights to highlight these spaces. Just imagine a wing-backed armchair nestled in an alcove with a wall light above it, and you whiling away an hour or two with a good book underneath it!


Lamps have a big part to play in creating ambient light within a loft space. They're also a straightforward way to add extra glow to your room after the initial build and decoration is complete. Perfect if you want to see where you'll need more light once the space has been converted into a habitable room, and you know how you're planning on using it.
Whether you opt for a freestanding lamp over an armchair or a desk lamp on top of a sideboard or over a workspace, lamps are such an easy way to add light to a room and can give it a cosy atmosphere, too.

LED strip lights

If your attic room is destined to be either a teenager's hangout or bedroom, you'll know that when it comes to loft room lighting, there is only one way to be the coolest parent around, and that has to be colour-changing LED strip lights.
Whilst colour changing lights may not be to everyone's taste, if you're a teenager, they are the way to add ambient lighting to your room.

Need advice regarding loft conversion lighting? Get in touch!

If you need more help with your choices for your loft conversion lights, get in touch. We can help at both the design planning stage by adding natural light to your new room or we can discuss artificial light sources as part of the interior design. Get in touch with Bespoke Lofts today, and let us light up your new loft room!

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