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How to Create a Self-Contained Loft Flat

When converting a loft, many people imagine that the finished conversion will house just one or maybe two rooms. This would usually be used for bedrooms, or perhaps a home office. But have you ever wondered about what the possibilities are for adding a self-contained loft conversion flat to your home? There are many reasons why you may wish to add a self-contained flat, annexe or studio, and converting your loft into a studio flat could be the very best way of doing so.


Why convert a loft into a studio flat?

There are many reasons why you may wish to convert your loft info a self-contained flat. For example, if you need to move elderly or infirm relatives into your home, then having a self-contained loft conversion flat can give everyone some much-needed independence and space from each other.

Similarly, you may have relatives who come to stay for long periods of time. Perhaps for holidays, or maybe to help with childcare. Either way, having a completely self-contained studio flat in the loft can really help your friends and family feel like they’ve got a home away from home.

You could even make money out of having a loft flat. You may wish to be able to take in a lodger, or if you live in an area with lots of tourist attractions on your doorstep - or even an area where people commute to during the working week - your self-contained loft conversion flat could easily be used as Airbnb or holiday accommodation.

What is required of a self-contained loft flat?

The key to creating a truly self-contained loft conversion flat is in the name: it needs to have every essential aspect that a usual home would have contained within it. This means creating a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a living room area within your loft.

This may sound like a tall order, but remember that it doesn’t need to be a full size flat, or even a flat with lots of rooms. A studio flat usually combines the sleeping area, living area and kitchen area within one room, with the only separate room being the bathroom. This means that you can get creative with the space within your loft and create a small but perfectly formed flat within your loft space.

What is the best use of space within a loft flat?

Speak to your loft conversion specialist about the necessities of creating a loft conversion flat. For example, aspects like where the bathroom and kitchen are located may be dictated by the plumbing to the rest of the house, and how your new loft flat will connect to those.

You may also want to think about incorporating space saving aspects into the loft conversion flat. This could mean installing a kitchenette rather than a full kitchen, or a wet room rather than a large bathroom with a bathtub.

Don’t feel that you will have to scrimp on luxuries if you go down the route of space saving features. Adding luxurious touches such as a powerful rainfall shower or a dishwasher drawer (if you can’t fit a full size or slimline dishwasher in) can really make a difference.

These small but luxurious touches will be really appreciated by the holiday market in particular, although anyone who stays in your self-contained loft conversion flat will appreciate the effort you’ve put in to make the space special.

What other considerations should be thought about for a loft conversion flat?

Depending on the intended use of your loft conversion flat, you may have some other considerations to think about. For example, if you’re using the space as an annexe for elderly or infirm relatives, will they be able to access the loft space? Talk to your loft conversion company about the type of staircase being installed, for example, and whether a stairlift or handrail will be able to be fitted easily.

Similarly, installing a wet room bathroom rather than a shower with a step over into the shower tray may be wise to help those who have limited mobility. Also, think about the space within the flat itself. Is everything accessible, and have you thought about adding aspects such as handrails into the studio?

In contrast, if you’re hoping to attract short-term guests who are commuting to your area for work, have you considered aspects such as having a dedicated work space within the loft? And will you need to install a WiFi booster and phone connections? These may be small touches, but they will be appreciated by your guests.

Ready to create a self-contained loft flat? Speak to Bespoke Lofts.

There are many reasons as to why you’d want to create a loft conversion flat, and if you have reason to do so, speak to Bespoke Lofts. As experienced loft conversion specialists, we are able to advise and carry out the work required to create a completely self-contained loft flat within your roof space.

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