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Granny Flat: Extension Costs Explained

When one of your parents dies and the other is left alone, you worry about them, however far away they from you. You can’t be with them all the time, and they will be lonely and sad. You’d like to bring your mother or father to live with you, but you are short on space and they have mixed feelings about it. They want to keep a measure of independence. 

Perhaps you are thinking that the answer would be to move to another house with a granny flat attached – an expensive option and a further emotional upheaval as you leave the home you love and have been happy in.  

Build your Own 

Actually you may not have to move. It’s quite possible that you could add a self-contained apartment to your current home. The house extension costs would pay dividends by adding to the value of your house as well as providing the sheltered accommodation your parent needs. 

It would be easily manageable if you have room for a side, back or wrap around extension. Some people consider a two-storey garage conversion if the parent can easily manage stairs. Others prefer the flat all to be on the ground floor. The house extension costs vary according to the complexity of the design. A ground floor design might incorporate a lounge, bedroom, kitchen, toilet and wet room, while an extension with an upper floor might have room for a larger bathroom complete with bath as well as shower. 

Prepare Ahead and Make Money 

If both your parents are still with you, don’t ignore the idea, especially if you could do with some extra income, because renting out a separate apartment could be quite lucrative until the time comes when you need it for the family. You could offer it as a holiday let so that it will not be tied up for too long ahead. The rental income could offset the house extension costs in a few years. 

Of course, there are many other reasons for considering a home extension. Discussing your ideas with a specialist building company is a way to find out if your ideas are feasible and how much the house extension costs are likely to be. Just take care that the company you select is a reputable one.  

Look for a company which is a member of the Federation of Master Builders, like Bespoke Lofts. We can also give you lots of references from satisfied customers who know that our work will always be completed to the highest standards and finished to perfection. Contact us today to arrange an initial free consultation.

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