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Too Much Clutter for a Loft Conversion? Think Again!

However, a total declutter isn’t entirely necessary, so long as you’re clever about storage. Here are a few ideas to get your stuff sorted!

Do you ever think about converting your loft, but then wonder just where you’d put all of your stuff?! Well, you’re not alone! So many Londoners are put off loft conversions by the thought of losing their storage space in the attic. There are, however, ways and means around the loss of storage. 

Does clever storage and a new, usable room sound like the ideal solution? If so, read on to find out how you can rearrange your clutter, create more storage and gain an extra room in your home.

Keep Some Storage Space

Yes it’s true, you don’t need to turn your whole loft over to a new habitable room if you don’t want to! You can keep some of the floor space for storage of seasonal items. Often, the edges of the loft space, where the eaves reach to their lowest point, are good areas to leave as storage space.

Store Relevant Items in Your New Loft Conversion

Think about the items that are currently being stored in your loft. Can some of them be easily stored as part of your new loft room? Here are some examples:

• Books can easily be stored in large, purpose built bookcases. You could create your very own library in your loft conversion.

• If you store seasonal clothes in your loft, or even fancy dress, why not turn a small area of your new loft conversion over to a designated dressing room?

• DVDs, video games and TVs may be a valuable addition to your new room if you incorporate an entertainment centre.

• Ornaments and china can be stored on built-in shelving. Yes it may look a little eclectic to display different types of ornaments together, but that’s the beauty of a blank canvas of a new room: you can make it be whatever you want it to be!

Of course, not everything can be on display all the time, but by thinking creatively, there are definitely some items that can be incorporated into your new loft room.

Incorporate Built-in Storage

One of the best ways to make use of the awkward nooks and crannies within your loft conversion is to incorporate built-in storage as part of your overall design. Open shelving, cupboards and fitted wardrobes can all be created to fit the space you have. A specialist loft conversion company will be able to advise on what sort of storage to use where.

Consider the Rest of your Home

We’d be lying if we said that you won’t need to declutter at all. It’s likely that you will have to get rid of some unneeded stuff that’s in your loft before your build begins. However, have you looked at the rest of your home in terms of storage?

Aside from the usual garage and shed options, think about utilising the space under the stairs, and if necessary look upwards: purpose-built shelving units are often a forgotten type of storage, using space up high which would otherwise be a waste. Yes, the items stored up high might be more difficult to reach, but they’re probably not everyday items anyway, as otherwise why would you have been storing them in the loft?

Don’t be put off by having to declutter; there are still plenty of storage options available to you. If you’re not sure what your options are, speak to a specialist loft conversion company for a free quote on a complete loft conversion in London, with storage options offering clutter decluttered as standard!

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