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Loft Conversions: Give your Kids some Space

Growing families… they take up so much room, don’t they? Which is why you perhaps moved to a house in Enfield. You may have gotten to the point where you feel that you have outgrown your house. However, we say that you’ve never truly outgrown a house if you still have an unconverted loft. With a loft conversion, Enfield families can grow up rather than out, making space in the loft to give the kids some freedom.

The Importance of Playrooms 

Play has long been heralded as the ultimate learning tool for children, especially young children. Independent play in particular sparks imagination and problem solving, amongst other attributes. But how can your children have a space for independent play if you’re all on top of each other in a cramped little house? This is where loft conversions step in.

Creating a dedicated playroom in your loft will instantly give your little ones a place for independent play. The best thing about a loft conversion playroom is that you can kit it out to be a veritable paradise of play: think about including the likes of road map playmats for cars, perhaps an area of artificial grass for small world play, and even specially adapted tables and tuff tray stands for messy play.

Include plenty of bespoke fitted storage so that toys and craft supplies can be hidden away at the end of the day, and if your children are of an age where they still need to be supervised or watched from a safe distance, make sure that you have plenty of comfortable seating and a coffee table for a hot drink. Who knows, you may even be able to drink it before it goes cold!

The Importance of Learning

As your children get older, your loft conversion playroom can be changed to include a study area. Whilst children are young, a small desk and a bookshelf may be all you need for this. Remember to include plenty of plug sockets and maybe even USB charger spaces during the loft conversion build so that as your children get older and need or want to use electronic devices, they have plenty of options to plug them in.

Older children may need a bigger work space and storage for the likes of ring binders, portfolios and files. When planning loft conversions, parents should speak to their loft conversion company to ensure that any storage is future proof to take into account these aspects of their family growing.

And for something a little fun amongst all the learning, how about taking your children’s hobbies into account? If they like sewing, include a large cutting and sewing table, for example. Or if they’re a promising artist, make sure there is plenty of light in the room. If you’re in the process of converting your loft for a slightly older child at the moment, then try to include as much natural light as possible for this reason. And if your child is a budding musician? Make sure you’ve got the very best soundproofing in place!

Flexible Space for the Future

Aside from their development, the other great thing about converting your loft with your children in mind is the fact that everyone needs some space from the outside world and other people from time to time. Whether your loft conversion will be a dedicated playroom, hobby room, teenage den or just their new bedroom, giving them this space away from the rest of the family will really help their mental and emotional development as much as their physical development.

If you’re ready to convert your loft and give your kids some space, get in contact with Bespoke Lofts today. We specialise in loft conversion across Enfield and Greater London. Your children will definitely thank you for it. Oh and loft conversions also give the adults in the house their own space downstairs, too. We’re just saying!!

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