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Upcoming Interior Trends for Loft Conversions

With 2020 just around the corner here come the New Year’s interior design trends! It’s time for fresh starts, and that includes in your loft’s interior décor. So what will be big in interior trends for loft conversions in the upcoming months? Take a look at these trends to see which could become your loft conversion’s new look!

Geometric Prints

There’s something very angular going on in the world of interiors at the moment. Taking its inspiration from expressionist art, it’s a look that’s bold and abstract, but that works well in attic rooms.

Because of the natural odd angles in loft conversions, the geometric look can work to your advantage in an attic. Fill certain areas of your wall space with bright block colours and then mirror this in your soft furnishings in the form of abstract prints on scatter cushions or curtains. And if you don’t want to cover a whole wall with colour, why not buy some large scale prints with a geometric feel to cover large areas of the space instead? These can easily be changed if, after a while, you decide that the look’s not for you.

Nordic Retreat

The Scandi trend will still be going strong in the upcoming months, and if anything is actually going to kick up a gear. This is a really great look for loft conversions, because it’s comfy and cosy and works so well with the nooks and crannies that naturally create a sense of hygge within an attic conversion.

So how to ham up the hygge factor? Well, first of all, the look in the coming months is going to be stripped back. It’ll be calm and comfortable, but still cosy and relaxing. Neutrals will win out over greys, and the key to creating this look correctly is to team different textures together.

So if you have a chaise longue in your loft conversion, for example, team it with a furry scatter cushion, a hessian scatter cushion, a knitted one and then add chunky knit throw that you can snuggle up in whilst reading a good book on a winter’s day.

Light and Colour

Interiors experts are looking into how natural light plays a part in our interior design over the coming months. In loft conversions this is particularly important. The light in in these spaces is often different to that in other parts of the home, because of the angles of skylights, and it’s important to look at how the natural light falls as the day transforms from dawn through to dusk and nightfall. This will allow you to realise how diverse colours will work for you, and as such, you may wish to use varying hues in different parts of the space.

Colours that react well to different lighting conditions are often warm, such as peaches, apricots and blush pinks. Team these with greys if you don’t want the space to feel too soft or feminine.

More is More!

A big trend for the upcoming months is ‘maximalism’, or, in other words, more is more! This is a great look if you have a home office in the loft, for example, or a studio space. It’s eclectic, and creative, but it’s also ordered chaos.

Choose bright prints for your loft conversion wallpaper, such as a tropical jungle print, or a bold retro print, and then pick certain colours from it to run through the rest of the scheme. You can get creative with knick-knacks, prints, collectables and soft furnishings to cover the space in an eclectic fashion. You may feel this look is too much for an attic conversion, but by choosing one colour from the palette you can tie the look together. And for a workspace, it can provide plenty of inspiration too!

On-Trend Loft Conversions from Bespoke Lofts

There are so many great interior trends emerging in the upcoming months, and here at Bespoke Lofts we’re excited to give them a whirl. Ready to convert your loft into a modern master suite or a creative home office? Get in touch today for a no obligation quote which will keep your home, and its loft conversion, bang on trend!

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