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Top Trends for Loft Conversions Leyton

More and more frequently, Leyton homeowners are looking towards loft conversions as a way to extend their homes. Loft extensions are a great way of gaining extra space, particularly in terraced houses, which are typical of the Leyton area, so it’s easy to see why they’re such a popular choice.

But what trends are we seeing in Leyton attic conversions? There are definitely particular tendencies emerging in both the structure of Leyton’s loft conversion choices and within the interior design chosen for them. Let’s take a look!

L-Shaped Loft Conversions

A conversion type that’s popping up frequently across Leyton is the L-shaped format. It’s a great choice for those terraced houses which have already had a double extension to the two floors below the attic, as this allows for an extension of the roof space above the second storey extension.

These large-scale extensions of your loft space offer an excellent way to gain square footage. Combine them with big windows and plenty of roof lights and you will be able to flood the space with natural light, a space which will often give you two additional bedrooms and a bathroom within your loft.

Roof lights for Loft Conversions

We’ve already mentioned installing plenty of windows to add natural light in L-shaped loft conversions but actually, roof lights are a huge trend in interior design across London at the moment. With this in mind, you should always be considering as many roof lights as possible for your attic conversion.

Ask your specialist loft conversion company about the amount of windows and roof lights that your space can sustain. As experts they will be able to advise what works best for your loft conversion.

There’s also a trend in the Capital at the moment towards glass panels with a low iron content, as this give the glass an ultra-high clarity without any blue or green tint, which means that maximum light can enter the room. If this is something that interests you, your loft conversion expert can advise if it’s a possibility for your build.

Loft Conversions for Fitness Fanatics

There’s been a huge trend in East London towards having your fitness facilities on hand within your home, and Leyton is no exception. And where better to site your home gym than in the loft? Particularly if you’ve got fabulous views from the top of your home, you can really make the most of them with a floor to ceiling dormer window and work out in front of views to die for!

Whether you’re creating a fully equipped home gym within your loft or need the space to be a state-of-the-art yoga studio, speak to your attic conversion specialists about your requirements and they will be able to ensure that the correct lighting, or an adequate amount of plug sockets, for example, are installed.

Human Centric Lighting

Many loft conversions in Leyton are going high tech, with many people choosing their lighting to be centred around their needs, rather than just bog-standard ceiling lights or table lamps. It’s well documented that natural light can have health benefits, and whilst we’ve already covered the trend towards including plenty of natural light within your loft conversion, there are other options available if you need artificial lighting instead.

Clever control solutions for your artificial lighting can now be installed as part of your attic conversion project, and these can be adjusted throughout the course of the day to alter the light temperature and provide an ambience as close to natural light as possible.

Top Trends for Loft Conversions Leyton Wide

Whether you’re looking towards a loft conversion simply to gain extra space, or you would like a state-of-the-art new room, the key to getting it right is to talk to a loft conversion specialist. By doing so, you’ll achieve what you need from the attic extension.

Contact Bespoke Lofts today for all your loft conversion needs in Leyton.

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