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Top Ways to Create Outdoor Space with a Loft Conversion

Outdoor space with a loft conversion? It’s probably not the first thing you think of. If you take a look at many loft conversion before and after pictures, especially in areas where outdoor space is at a premium such as in inner cities, you’ll see that many people nowadays are incorporating outdoor space into their attic conversion. How can you do that you ask? Here are our top loft conversion ideas for outdoor space.

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How to create an outdoor space for my loft conversion?

Creating outdoor space as part of a loft extension is easier than you may think. Many loft conversion designs can include some outdoor space in the form of a roof terrace, or even a wraparound balcony.

In fact, there are a variety of ways to create an outdoor space when you convert your attic. For example, a loft conversion roof terrace can be created in several ways:

  • By building over the top of a floor below: This is a popular choice for houses such as Victorian terraces with a double extension to the two floors below, creating an L-shaped space that incorporates a roof terrace.
  • By cutting into a Mansard roof: This option gives a large amount of usable inside and outside space, but be warned: it isn’t always allowed under planning rules.
  • Constructing a roof terrace with different apex areas: This can create a roof terrace between the different apexes, providing outdoor space that is sometimes accessible from both sides of the loft conversion if so desired. This is great if the outdoor space needs to be accessed from multiple rooms.

Aside from a roof terrace, some loft space conversions can incorporate a wraparound balcony. A bungalow conversion is one such example. This can make a stunning addition to your home, creating a beautiful place to relax and entertain.

If space doesn’t allow for a large balcony or terrace, you can always opt for a small Velux balcony. This can be just large enough for a bistro set, as well as giving great floor to ceiling windows for plenty of natural light. These unique windows are discreet fold-out instant balconies, which can be a great addition to your loft conversion.

And if none of these are an option? You can always bring the outside in with bi-fold or patio doors to create a Juliet balcony for plenty of fresh air and lovely views.

Can I have a roof terrace with my loft conversion?

Whether you can incorporate a roof terrace, or indeed any outdoor space, will depend on several factors. Firstly, you’ll obviously need to have the space available. You need to ensure that you create usable space both inside and out. If you want to create extra rooms and some outdoor space, there’s no point compromising one for the other and ending up with tiny, unusable spaces inside and out.

Secondly, whether you can create a roof terrace or any other type of outdoor space as part of your attic conversion will depend on planning permission and what is allowed by your local authority. It is always advisable to check whether you’re likely to receive planning permission before going ahead with the work. Ensure you work with a loft conversion specialist when creating your designs and going through the planning process, and use good quality materials, for example, high-end bi-fold doors.

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If you want to incorporate a loft conversion balcony or roof terrace as part of your new attic conversion, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts. We have an extensive gallery of loft conversion before and after photos which will help you see the benefits of outdoor space as part of your loft conversion. Let us show you how you can enjoy your loft conversion more with a splash of valuable outdoor space.

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