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How to Create Loft Conversion Storage Solutions with Style

Storage. It’s not the sexiest of life’s aspects, is it? Any of the best loft conversion companies in Essex will advise that getting your loft conversion storage right is key to ensuring that the overall space is right. However, with everyone currently channelling their inner Marie Kondo, we thought it was about time we talked about storage which sparks joy: that’s right, loft conversion storage solutions with style!

Bespoke Storage Solutions

We’ve said it many times, but loft conversions lend themselves to bespoke storage solutions. The awkward shapes of the eaves mean that you should think about having your storage – especially wardrobes – fitted and created to fit the space available to you.

Whilst this will look stylish from the outside, you can also get stylish with the inside. You know the type of thing we’re talking about: bespoke shoe shelves, compartments for your ties and socks, double height hanging rails and hooks for all of your accessories…enough to house your stylish things in style!

Hidden Storage

Storage doesn’t have to be obvious: think creatively and use the likes of window seats as bench storage. With a long, made to measure cushion on top and a few scatter cushions and throws to cosy it up, no one needs to know that inside is housing towels and bedsheets!

Feature Storage

Of course, you might be happy to display your storage so long as it’s beautiful storage! Particularly in a child’s bedroom, feature storage can work really well.

Think bold, bright drawers in square shelves which the children can pull out themselves to get to the toys and treasures within. Leave some shelves open to display the nicer items of a child’s bedroom, such as wooden toys or money boxes, and why not include something like hook storage for your child to hang their school uniform up on each evening, ready for the next morning?

Space Saving Storage

In a loft conversion, every nook and cranny counts. For example, if you’ve incorporated an en suite bathroom as part of your design, which perhaps has a small corridor or passage to access it, remember that you can use this space to fill it with more storage. Not only will this hide the storage from view in the main room, but it will also give you the feel of your very own stylish dressing area!

Loft conversions can present storage challenges, but there are plenty of solutions for loft conversion storage, many of which are very stylish options. If you’re ready for a stylish loft conversion, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts today!

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