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Help Attract Future Buyers with a Loft Conversion

Gone are the days when homebuyers would buy a home ‘for now’ with the view to upsizing in the near future. The cost of moving: solicitors’ fees, surveys, removals, stamp duty etc., as well as an ever-faster paced housing market and increasing house values mean that buyers are now looking for homes which will see them through many years ahead.

Indeed, many homebuyers aren’t just looking for a house for the foreseeable future, they’re looking for their forever home. And part of this search for the forever home will always involve making sure that they won’t outgrow it if their family increases in size.This is good news if you wish to convert your loft, as it makes loft conversions Essex wide much more desirable.

Size Matters

When it comes to houses, less is more doesn’t cut the mustard. In fact, more will always be more when it comes to the size of your home, not just for you but for any potential future buyers.

By adding a loft conversion now, it could give you the freedom to enjoy a home office, a gym or studio, a home cinema space or an additional guest bedroom and bathroom. All of these may be little luxuries for you, but for any future buyers of your home, a loft conversion might be the difference between your home selling or not.

Just think, if your buyers have a larger family than you, that loft conversion could become a much needed bedroom so that the kids no longer have to share, or a playroom to keep the children’s clutter at bay, or a teenage den to give the teenagers within the family their own space.

Showing Potential

Of course, television home buying programmes will always make much of houses with ‘potential’. In real life, however, most homebuyers don’t want to have to look for the potential within a home, they want all of the hard work done for them.

It’s all very well, therefore, thinking that any future buyer will see the potential in your loft in terms of converting it into a habitable space, when actually, having that space already converted will be a much better seller.

If you’re mulling a loft conversion over, and if it’s something that could be on the cards for you, we’d always advise you to go ahead and get the work done. Even a very basic conversion decorated in neutral colours will add value to your home and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Why not get a quote for converting your loft today? Bespoke Lofts are happy to provide a no obligation quote for a loft conversion which will give you extra space to enjoy within your home as well as make it more attractive to potential future buyers.

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