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Outgrown your New Build Home? What to do!

Many people love a new build home. They’re freshly decorated, newly built to all of the latest building safety standards and are often found in desirable locations too. However, if you bought a new build home which at the time met your lifestyle preferences and requirements, you may find that things have changed. And this is where a new build loft conversion comes in.

For those times when our family has grown, or we need to work from home, or we just need that little bit of extra space for a guest bedroom, a new build loft conversion is the perfect solution. It will give you the extra space you need without the upheaval of moving home.

Why convert a new build?

The reasons for converting the loft of a new build house are the same as the reasons for any other property: you need more space. What suits us when we buy a new build property can quickly change.

For example, you may need to accommodate a new addition to the family, or an elderly family member is coming to stay long term. You may also have found yourself working from home more and now need a dedicated home office, rather than working from the kitchen table. Or you may simply want some extra space to live in and would like to convert the loft storage new build properties come with.

You could extend outwards from the ground floor of your home to gain more living space, but with new build housing estates often making the most of the building plot, gardens in these types of properties can be on the small side, often not able to comfortably accommodate anything more than a conservatory as an extension.

What’s more, as new build bedrooms can be rather compact in size, if you’d love a spacious primary bedroom suite within your roof space, a new build attic conversion could be the way to go about gaining extra room, without compromising any outdoor space.

Is it possible to create a new build loft conversion?

It’s usually possible, in most cases, to convert the loft of a new build property. Despite many myths surrounding the conversion of lofts in new build properties, there are ways and means around a lot of the issues that may arise.

Many new build homes are built with a truss loft. A truss loft conversion can be a little more complex than a standard loft conversion, as it involves taking out the w-shaped truss roof rafters and adding new structural support. However, an experienced attic conversion specialist will be able to do so with ease. A truss rafter loft conversion shouldn’t put you off of a new build attic conversion.

There is another aspect to bear in mind with the roof space build in a modern home. Whilst many new build loft conversions are fine to complete under Permitted Development, you may need to seek planning permission and/or the permission of the original property developer.

A lot of new build properties have restrictive covenants placed on them by the original property developer when first built to ensure consistency of the aesthetics of the estate throughout.

Restrictive covenants that have been placed on your new build home should have been explained and made clear by your conveyancer at the time of purchase, although it’s worth double-checking your paperwork to be on the safe side.

Similarly, is your new build property a leasehold property? If this is the case, that will have its own issues, as you’ll have to seek the permission of the freeholder before converting the loft storage in a new build.

What can be achieved with a new build loft conversion?

Once you’ve ascertained whether a new build loft conversion is possible for your home, the sky – or at least the roof – is the limit.

An extra bedroom is the obvious choice for most. However, when it comes to bedroom and bathroom ideas for growing families, have you considered two children’s bedrooms with a Jack and Jill bathroom in between?

In terms of a primary bedroom suite, have you thought about adding a balcony or sliding doors which open onto a Juliet balcony?

If you live on a new build estate which is surrounded by fields or other pleasant views, this could really make the most of your home’s setting and bring natural light into the room. Many people may want a primary bedroom and a home study in their loft space, and this is often possible, too.

Whether you opt for an open plan layout which zones an area for your new working space, or a completely separate room for your home office, is up to you. Your attic and the way you live can be completely transformed by changing up the loft storage new build properties can offer and converting this space within your roof.

Ready for a new build loft conversion? Get in touch with Bespoke Lofts.

If you’ve outgrown your new build home, fear not: Bespoke Lofts has many years’ experience in creating beautiful living spaces within a new build attic.

Why not ask us for a no obligation quote for creating a new build loft conversion? Get in touch today to discover what’s possible.

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