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Tips for Designing a Jack and Jill Bathroom

These bathrooms are shared by bedrooms but with a direct access door from each, making them a fantastic space-saving solution.

If you’re creating bedrooms within your new loft conversion, common wisdom dictates that you include a bathroom on the same floor, too. Obviously, an ensuite bathroom attached to each bedroom is ideal, but a lack of floor space may mean this isn’t always possible. This is why loft conversion ideas the UK wide will often suggest a Jack and Jill bathroom as an excellent compromise.

The Beauty of a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Of course, the biggest benefit of a Jack and Jill bathroom is the fact that if you have two bedrooms sharing your newly converted loft, you can still provide an ensuite bathroom for each of them. Traditionally a Jack and Jill bathroom is a bathroom which is shared between two bedrooms, and accessed by a lockable door from either bedroom.

Providing a Jack and Jill bathroom will give all of the benefits of an ensuite within your loft conversion. Inhabitants of the loft conversion won’t have to venture downstairs to use the toilet or shower facilities, plus by having access from both bedrooms, you can still enjoy aspects of an ensuite such as the ease of getting dressed in your bedroom rather than having to cover up immediately after washing.

Jack and Jill Bathroom Design Tips

The biggest issue for any loft conversion is space. Jack and Jill's bathrooms are an ideal compromise should you wish to add an ensuite onto each bedroom. 

If you’re designing a Jack and Jill bathroom, and the bedrooms which will open onto it, have a good think about how you’ll use the space. Play around with the room layouts, and think about where you’ll have storage, access, and beds. If you’re not sure how to use the space effectively, consult a specialist loft conversion company.

Some contemporary Jack and Jill bathroom designs now have a small corridor that the bedrooms open onto, with one door to access the bathroom. Although this is a less traditional design for a Jack and Jill bathroom, it does mean that there are no embarrassing moments of someone walking into the bathroom when it’s already in use by the occupant of the other bedroom.

Interior Design for Jack and Jill Bathrooms

Most people will opt for neutral tones when decorating a Jack and Jill bathroom, as this will mean it will work for both bedrooms that access it. White is obviously a popular choice, but don’t rule out greys or sage green.

If you do go down the route of a small corridor in between the bedrooms, why not use this as storage space? Fitted storage here will be extremely useful for the likes of towels, linen, and toiletries. Alternatively, why not opt for an ‘American’ Jack and Jill bathroom design, with the wash basin in this corridor area, and the shower and toilet in the bathroom itself?

If you’re not sure how best to make a Jack and Jill bathroom work for you, speak to Bespoke Lofts. We can come up with the ideal loft conversion design to suit the space available to you.

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