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Maximising the use of Glass in your Loft Conversion

Loft conversions Palmers Green wide will always benefit from the use of natural light to open up space, and we’ll always include as much as possible.

Skylights and dormers will go a long way towards helping, but have you thought about using a more dramatic design for your glass, in order to maximise natural light? Here are a few ideas:

Glass Roof Terrace

One way to extend your space using glass is to create a roof terrace, which is glass fronted. Use floor to ceiling glass windows to one side of a large dormer shaped area, with a door leading out to a small terrace, with a glass balcony, cut out of the other side of the dormer. This will give you an enclosed, secluded terrace area which allows lots of natural light into the rest of your loft conversion!

Glass Dormer

Alternatively, if you don’t want to create a roof terrace from your dormer, then use it purely as originally intended: as a window. However, to create a twist on the traditional dormer, why not have it made from floor to ceiling in the glass, on all three sides?

Not only will this allow plenty of natural light, but dormers always increase the head height of a loft conversion and allows for an extension of the roof space. It’s one of the best ways to increase the space in your loft, so why not utilise this to allow in plenty of extra light, too?

Temple of Light

If you can’t add a dormer to your loft, use the roof eaves as best you can in terms of windows. For example, add two large skylights which are almost floor to ceiling and which meet at the apex of the roof. This will create a large triangular window shape which will let in plenty of light at the same time as forming the basis of the structure of your loft conversion.

Light Storage

Something that many people perceive to be a potential problem with a loft conversion is storage. With this and natural light in mind, why not include a skylight which extends fairly far down the eaves of your roof, to be finished off with a windowsill?

This will then give you an area on which to display ornaments and photographs, as well as plenty of natural light. Killing two loft conversion issues with one stone!

Whatever type of loft conversion you are considering, think about creative ways in which you can extend your loft using maximum glass. Contact Bespoke Lofts to see what ideas we would incorporate into your loft conversion design, and let’s let there be light!

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