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How to Keep Your Loft Conversion Cool in the Summer

We’ve all witnessed the increasing instances of heatwaves in the last few years and it’s clear to see that our summers are definitely getting hotter. If you’ve recently had your loft converted, you may have realised that those top-of-the-house rooms can get seriously warm. The trouble is, as hot air rises, it can be difficult to keep your loft conversion cool in the summer. However, despite rising temperatures, you can still enjoy your loft build during the warmer months. Join us as we explore some top strategies to help keep your loft conversion cool. 


Effective ventilation is the key to keeping your loft conversion cool in the summer. Consider installing large skylights or Velux windows in your attic build which can be opened to allow hot air to escape, and draw fresh air in. Natural air flow helps to reduce heat build-up in your loft. Skylights not only create good ventilation, they are also a good source of natural light too.


Good insulation not only helps in retaining warmth during the winter, but also keeps the space cool during hot summer days. Ensure your loft is well-insulated with materials like foam insulation or mineral wool. Additionally, a high performance insulation board or a reflective radiant barrier under the roof will help prevent heat penetrating your attic conversion.Light colours in your loft conversion. When decorating your loft build, choose light colours for walls and ceilings which will reflect the heat. Darker colours tend to absorb it. This simple technique can make a noticeable difference to the temperature in your loft conversion. You can read more about this in our guide to inspiration for loft conversion decoration.Block out sunlightIf the sun is shining directly on your loft conversion for a long period of time, the temperature will rise, and your attic room will soon become unbearably hot. Try blocking out the direct sunlight using blinds and curtains. It’s best to keep these closed during the day whilst you are out and unable to keep the windows open.

Install air conditioning

If your budget allows, consider installing air conditioning in your loft conversion. Modern air conditioners are energy efficient and can quickly cool down your space when the heat becomes unbearable. Air conditioning will also help to reduce moisture build-up, as well as maintaining healthy indoor air quality and humidity levels too.

Make use of fans in your attic conversion

Ceiling fans or portable fans are a great way to circulate air in your loft conversion. They don’t use much electricity, and can make noticeable difference in keeping the space comfortable.Limit heat sourcesBe mindful of the number of heat sources that you use in your loft build. Make sure that electronic devices and appliances are turned off when not in use. LED lighting is an energy efficient option that generates less heat compared to traditional bulbs.

Talk to Bespoke Lofts for more tips on how to keep loft conversions cool in summer!

Don’t let the warmer months spoil the use of your loft conversion. These easy to follow tips should help give you a more comfortable space to enjoy during even the hottest summer days.To discover how to create a loft space that’s geared up to combatting our increasingly hot summers, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts

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