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Walthamstow Loft Specilists: Using Plants

Houseplants are huge at the moment. Flick through any interiors magazine, and you’ll see otherwise minimal interiors jazzed up by fabulous ferns, gorgeous grasses and magnificent monstera. 


Why are houseplants such a trend at the moment? Well, as loft specialists, we feel that they not only bring a little bit of the outside into your Walthamstow home, they are also a great way of adding colour too!


Minimally Does It


Loft specialists will tell you that the minimalist look is perfect for a newly converted loft, especially in the types of property found around Walthamstow. If you like your home to have contemporary look and feel, keeping everything in your home as simplistic as possible and then highlighting with houseplants is a great way to add colour and prevent an overly plain finish. 


For example, this stunning loft conversion we recently completed in Walthamstow, east London, uses plenty of white walls and simple décor which is then finished and brought to life with the help of pot plants. We love that they cover every surface, from the top of the stairs through to the bathroom worktop, and are of different varieties; this immediately adds interest to the otherwise white, contemporary space.


Soften Monochrome


Of course, many white spaces, including our new Walthamstow conversion, add some contrast into the space using monochrome aspects. Black fixtures and fittings are something we’re often asked for as loft specialists, and can add a really stylish addition to a room which has completely white walls, ceilings and floors. 


The whole room can be brought together by matching black and white soft furnishings, such as a bedspread, rugs or cushions. However, to overcome the issue of the space becoming, quite literally, too black and white, houseplants can be used to soften the overall look. A large monstera plant – or Swiss cheese plant as they’re commonly known – will completely change the look and feel of a monochrome space by bringing something soft and natural into an otherwise overall harsh feeling space. 


Our top tip is to use plants with a soft looking leaf; cacti and succulents may make the space feel unwelcoming, whereas the likes of an asparagus fern or a Chinese money plant will instantly relax a space.


Pretty Pots


It’s not just white and monochrome colour schemes that can benefit from the addition of houseplants. Greenery can brighten up any room which is decorated in one colour, especially neutrals. Why not add a collection of small pot plants along one shelf? 


The green will add a splash of colour, but you can also go for pots in different colours and hues if you would like to add interest. If you have an accent colour in your loft conversion already, then adding pots in that same shade will keep the entire room looking streamlined. Alternatively, if you have no particular accent colour, you have a completely blank canvas to work with. Why not add a rainbow of pot plants along a shelf or cabinet top to create some immediate interest within your loft conversion? 


House plants can be the finishing touch within loft conversions. If you’re ready to convert your loft, get in contact with Bespoke Lofts. As loft conversion specialists working in and around Walthamstow, we can show you how to put the finishing touch to your home.

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