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5 of the Best Loft Conversion Design Ideas

Ready to extend your home with a loft conversion? Or have a newly renovated attic space that you need to decorate? Out of ideas on how to make it a space design lovers would die for? Here are five of the best UK loft conversion design ideas to get the decorating juices flowing.

1. Feature Walls


Some will say that a loft conversion’s interior design should be plain, plain, plain. We say that’s loft conversion codswallop! Yes, minimal is a huge trend and it can be lovely – particularly if clutter irritates you – but that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from colour or features when formulating your loft conversion ideas.


With this in mind, we love an attic conversion feature wall. The gable end of a conversion, underneath the sloping eaves of the roof, lends itself perfectly towards a feature wall, so why not have some fun? Whether you choose wallpaper with a striking design such as an exposed brickwork print or go for a bold and beautiful colour – we love navy - in an otherwise white or neutral room, that’s up to you. The point is to draw the eye to one central focal point and add some interest.


2. Use the Structure


Playing to the strengths of your newly converted attic space is always wise. By this we mean using the structure of the loft space itself.


This could mean leaving exposed roof beams and painting them white to incorporate them into the ceiling space – this works particularly well with the likes of a converted garage loft or as part of a barn or coach house conversion – or use the nooks and crannies to create a child’s den bed, or to add bespoke storage.


3. Showcase your Staircase


Staircases don’t have to be purely functional. You can use them as a design feature too! After all, space is precious, so why designate a large chunk of it to a boring staircase?


You could include a spiral staircase if space allows, which gives an industrial feel to a loft space, or ask your loft conversion specialist about loft design feature ideas like a glass balustrade.


4. Headboards from Heaven


If you’re a little afraid to create a whole feature wall, why not indulge in a feature headboard instead? If your loft conversion is going to be your master suite, giving it the feel of a luxurious boutique hotel is a beautiful way to create that sumptuous feel.


To create a feature out of your headboard, why not extend the headboard space from the top of your bed to the ceiling? For example, you could install a padded wall area behind the bed which reaches the ceiling, meaning that you’ll draw the eye to the area but won’t overpower the space.


Alternatively, if you have an area behind the bed which lends itself to a small alcove, why not use this as a built in shelf to house pictures, knick-knacks and your bedtime reading? Remember to install a lamp on either side of a double bed and you’ll be in hotel style heaven!


5. Floor to Ceiling Windows


Floor to ceiling windows are a huge trend in UK loft conversion design at the moment. Not only is this a great idea for adding natural light to a space, but it can also lend itself to a Juliet balcony, which is perfect for those balmy summer nights.


UK Loft Conversion Design Ideas from Bespoke Lofts


Whatever tickles your loft conversion fancy, talk to Bespoke Lofts. We are able to convert every type of attic space to bring it bang on trend with current UK loft design ideas, so get in touch today to see how we can help.

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