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How to Create the Perfect Kitchen Extension

Kitchen Extension IdeasLearning from the Old to Create the New

Once you know what dimensions you’ll have to play with, it’s important to make sure that you use the space to its best ability. House extensions Essex-wide can benefit from a few simple tips and tricks when it comes to creating the perfect kitchen extension.  

A good place to start when it comes to your new kitchen extension is to work out what you love and what you loathe about your existing kitchen.   Do you love the amount of natural light the room has but hate the lack of workspace? Or perhaps you like the overall layout of your existing kitchen, but perhaps wish you could have more space so that you can supersize your inbuilt appliances?   Once you’ve worked out these factors, you can then work with your house extension company to maximise the things you love and minimise the parts that you hate.

How will you use the Space?

Next visualise how you want to use the new space.   Will it be solely for cooking? Or do you want a dining area too? If you’re including a dining area, will you use this for all family eating and entertaining, or will this just be an informal dining space? Do you want to incorporate some living space too, such as a sofa or a family nook?   Your answers to these questions will determine how far you’ll need to extend (space permitting) and how the design of the room will be altered to accommodate these needs.

Kitchen Extension Ideas

Once the basics are in place, you can get down to the fun part of planning the layout.   
The basic ‘triangle’ concept of any kitchen works well no matter what the size of the room. This is where the most utilised appliances are positioned in a rough triangle shape for ease of access. These appliances are the cooker/hob, sink and fridge. Think about placing these elements first before adding other desirables in.
We would also recommend an island unit wherever space allows, just because these act as a multifunctional space for food preparation and socialising. And why not add a few statement pieces such as pull out larders and wine fridges if these take your fancy?
However you decide to use your new kitchen extension space, a good house extension specialist will show you how to utilise your new room to its best advantage. No idea is silly, so talk through what you want with us, and we’ll bring your perfect kitchen extension to life.
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