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Eye-Catching Loft Conversion Design Trends

Gone are the days of minimalism, or so it would seem judging by the amount of bold London interior design trends we’ve seen of late. Although loft conversions often have different dimensions and angles compared to other rooms within a house, it doesn’t mean that you have to shy away from bold looks in order to accommodate the differences.


Just take a look at various before and after pictures of London loft extensions to see for yourself that you can be brave and bold with your loft conversion interior design!


Mix and Match Trends in London


Mixing and matching is a great way to go for bold. You can, of course, mix and match textures and patterns, but don’t be frightened to mix up your colour scheme too. For example, mustard shades are very on trend at the moment, but if you aren’t feeling mellow yellow all over, adding in some baby pink and pastel blue soft furnishings in the shape of cuddle chairs or bed throws works well.


And if you want to be really bold? Add in a rug with a different pattern to that of any wallpaper you’re using, and cushions which don’t match, either. You can really go to town with your various prints and patterns.


The key to making sure it looks high end rather than higgledy-piggledy is to have one colour throughout that pulls it all together: so thinking about that aforementioned mustard, if your wallpaper is predominantly mustard, make sure that your rug pattern has a touch of mustard in it and any cushions that you use on soft furnishings have some mustard accents, too. You might feel more like a Londoner trying it out (haha). 


Mid-Century Themes 


If you want to go for a bold look which has a touch of retro about it, then the trend for all things mid-century is for you. Think about the retro 1950s geometric lines and prints. Add rugs with angular patterns, and go fairly minimalist: the bold factor here comes from the overall look and feel of the strong mid-century lines.


If your loft conversion is a home office, choose a desk in a typical mid-century style: think sleek, narrow legs and a natural wood table top. Layer different sized pendant lights from the ceiling above your desk and don’t forget a retro sofa to relax on after a hard day’s work. Stick to a two-toned colour palette, for example a soft yellowy cream and a bright turquoise, or the classic bright yellow and grey to create impact.


The Blues


Blue is a huge design trend in London at the moment, but who says it has to be a soft or baby blue in a loft conversion? Navy blue works just as well and is an extremely bold look.


Why not create a statement wall behind the bed in your loft conversion guest bedroom, for example? The key to not overpowering the whole room is to keep everything else simple: white bedding, white walls and ceilings elsewhere, and maybe even an ornate white mirror on the blue wall to draw the eye.


Alternatively, how about bright teal blue tiles for a loft conversion bathroom? This is a bold, modern look which gives the look and feel of a luxury spa!


No matter which type of interior design trend takes your fancy, there is something to be said about being brave and bold within your loft conversion. If you’re looking to convert your loft, and fancy a bold look and feel, get in touch with Bespoke Lofts. We can guide you through the process from humble beginnings to bold and beautiful modern London design. Go on, go for bold!

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