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Have you Considered a Mansard Loft Conversion?

If you’re researching into the design of a potential loft conversion, you may have discovered that a mansard loft conversion gives a large amount of space on completion. It’s one of the best ways to gain extra space as part of a roof build.

Indeed, many a loft conversion specialist will tell you that a mansard conversion is often seen as more than just a simple loft conversion; it can be thought of as a complete extra storey of your home being added. However, it does require a large amount of structural work to add this additional space as part of your roof build.

What is a Mansard Conversion?

Mansard roof conversions are constructed so that the sloping angles of the roof become almost flat (between 72 and 90 degrees), and the sloping front walls or sides of the loft are almost vertical. This is why they create such a large amount of space, as there is very little eaves space in comparison to other types of loft conversion, and your new loft space is constructed almost as a box shape.

Why does a mansard loft conversion require more structural work?

In order to create the more boxy structure required, a mansard roof conversion generally requires more construction work than other types of loft conversion. The new structure of your roof build will extend your roofline over the original floor plan and roof of your home. It also normally includes dormer windows as part of the construction into the flattened roof.

All of these aspects require more structural work. For example, your new roof will need to be constructed in a different shape and will potentially need greater support. Dormer windows also alter your roof shape and require additional support. All of this also adds up to the potential need for planning permission to be required ahead of the build, too.

What are the Advantages of a Mansard Loft Conversion?

There are many advantages to a mansard loft conversion, which is why it’s worth considering one for your home. The advantages include:

  • A mansard conversion will give you a lot more space within your new room. The almost vertical sides will give you more head height than a standard eaves conversion, and will also mean that the new space will be versatile for you in terms of use.
  • Mansard roof conversions are normally very light and airy. Because of the way they’re designed and the inclusion of dormer windows, they let in a lot more natural light than other types of loft conversions.
  • They can also be styled to suit your home. Mansard loft conversions require more roof construction, but this also means that their look can be made to work with the exterior of your home quite easily so that it blends seamlessly.

What are the Disadvantages of a Mansard Loft Conversion?

There are, of course, some points of a mansard conversion that won’t suit every homeowner’s needs. These are chiefly:

  • Mansard loft conversions are a more expensive option. If budget is important to you, it might be worth considering a different option, such as a simple dormer conversion or even a skylight conversion.
  • More construction work is needed, which means that mansard loft conversions tend to take longer to complete from start to finish.
  • You will normally require planning permission for a mansard conversion. This is because you’re extending your loft space, rather than simply converting it, and altering the look and shape of your roof. There are a few exceptions, although these tend to be few and far between, and it’s always best to check with your local authority as to whether planning permission is required.

Why should I consider a mansard roof conversion?

If you need your new loft build to be versatile, or are keen to add a room with few nooks and crannies, then a mansard conversion could be for you. It’s one of those loft conversions that’s great for those rooms where you need full height throughout, perhaps for a home gym, or for when plenty of light is vital, such as for a craft or artist’s studio. A mansard roof conversion is a great option as an extension to your home, giving you plenty of usable, bright and airy space.

Want to know more about how a mansard conversion could work for your property? Contact Bespoke Lofts.

Although they are not a simple undertaking, if you want something a little different and which will maximise your return on loft conversion space, it’s definitely worth considering a mansard loft conversion. For that extra space and plenty of natural light, you cannot beat the type of room which is created by a mansard conversion. Contact Bespoke Lofts to see whether it will be a suitable option for your home.

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