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The Do’s and Don’ts of Loft Conversions

When thinking about converting your loft, it’s good to know everything you should consider in advance. That way, you can work through the various aspects of the build that you need to prepare for, or that may be exciting or even a little nerve wracking for you. But what exactly are those points that you should consider?

Well, a good loft conversion company should always explain the various steps and procedures to you, and you should always feel comfortable enough with them to ask any questions you have. 

If you’d like to be armed in advance of the build, however, why not read through some of our favourite do’s and don’ts of converting your loft? When it comes to loft extensions, Essex residents can feel confident and prepared if they’ve considered the following:

Don’t go with the First Quote

This goes for all building work, not just loft extensions. Consider all aspects of the work and what is included; ask about the finish of the work, what’s included as part of the build, and what sort of timescale they expect to work to. 

Once you’ve thought about these aspects and spoken to various contractors, don’t just take the lowest quote on offer to you; if something sounds too good to be true, it often is and you may be better off taking one of the higher quotes which probably includes more.

Do Check Regulations

Speak to your loft extension provider about any regulations that you’ll need to deal with. These could be planning permission, party wall agreements or building regulations. Often your loft conversion company will be able to help you with all of these points, but it’s important to get things straight before starting the build.

Don’t be Afraid to ask if you have any Questions

If you’re not sure on anything to do with your build then ask, ask and ask again! No question is too stupid; a good loft conversion company would rather feel that you were happy with them being in your home and the work they’re carrying out.

So if you’re not sure on something they’ve suggested regarding the plans, or if you just need more help in visualising what the space will look like once completed, just ask.

Do Think Outside the Box

No two loft conversions are the same, and yours can be unique too with a little forethought. If you’re considering a dormer window, for example, then why not think about a Juliet balcony as an option? Similarly, why not add some mod-cons to your new room, such as underfloor heating in the bathroom and intelligent lighting? It’s your room, after all.

Don’t Leave the Loft Conversion Company to it

This tip is a little bit unnecessary for most loft conversion companies, as any reputable loft extension company will carry out an excellent job to the highest of standards. But having said that, it’s still important to be involved.

Don’t just assume that you’ve made yourself understood as to what you require; check with them that everything’s going ahead as it should be. Similarly, and just as in the point above, if you’re in any doubt at all about their work, ask some questions. It’s always better to point out anything you’re unsure of so that you can work together to find a solution.

Do Consider the Time of Year

Technically, loft conversion work isn’t obstructed by the time of year it’s carried out but many homeowners simply feel more comfortable undertaking the work during the warmer months. Whether you’re bothered by the time of year the work’s carried out or not, make sure that you speak to your loft conversion provider about their provisions to ensure that your home is as watertight and as warm as it can possibly be during the work.

Just Do it!

Whatever you do, the biggest ‘DO’ that we can advise is: just do it! You won’t regret a loft conversion once you see and start enjoying all the new space. For a free, no obligation quote for converting your loft, contact Bespoke Lofts for more details.

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