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When Rejigging is all that’s Needed …

The programme highlights the fact that you don’t always need to move to cope with your family’s changing needs, and sometimes all you need is a bit of a rejig and a think about how you use your space. People are combining this approach with home extensions Essex wide, and are finding it is just like moving to a brand new house, without leaving home!

Creating a Kitchen-Diner

One of the best reasons to rejig your current downstairs layout is to create a kitchen-diner. If you are planning an extension to create more room, and perhaps an all-in-one family space, think about your current layout, too. Sometimes it’s worth taking down internal walls between the existing kitchen and dining room to make a large, open plan space.

This is something that we regularly see with 1930s houses which haven’t been previously modified. For some reason, these houses were often built with particularly small kitchens, and by knocking through and adding an extension, you can create a room which is much better suited to modern family living.

Creating an Intimate Living Room

Just as much as knocking through the existing kitchen and dining room can create a great open plan space for family living and dining, it can also free up your existing living room to become a more sophisticated, intimate space.

We would suggest that when you knock through and extend at the back of the house, if you currently have a through lounge, you separate the living area off so that the space you are left with can be used as an adult, more formal sitting room.

The kids will be happy to use the new family space at the back of the house, and you’ll have a place to retreat to at the end of the day!

Creating Function

If you are extending into your side return, think about how you will use the space. You may not be gaining a huge area, but with some careful rejigging of the existing space, you can add some functional rooms to your home.

For example, by pinching a little bit of room from your existing kitchen or hallway, you may be able to create an ever-useful downstairs shower room or utility room. If you’re adding a wraparound extension which incorporates the side return and part of the back garden, adding such functional rooms as these is definitely something we’d recommend.

Whatever space you’d like to create in your home, speak to Bespoke Lofts. With a little rejigging, and perhaps a house extension to boot, you can really gain some valuable space, with no removal van in sight!

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