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How to Get your Loft Conversion Winter Ready

With the nights really drawing in now, and winter knocking at autumn’s door, many people are starting to make their homes comfy and cosy ready for the cold months ahead of us. 

Due to its location within the home, it’s natural to worry about whether it will be warm enough in your loft conversion. Essex homeowners, have you thought about how you’ll make your attic room comfortable during the winter months?


You’ve probably seen the many adverts in the public domain urging you to ensure that your home is properly insulated, and the loft is the obvious place to put the correct insulation in place. When you convert your loft, a specialist loft conversion company will always make sure that the correct level of insulation is installed during the conversion process. 

Most loft conversion owners will actually say that their loft rooms are so well insulated, they never feel the cold during the winter months (and that’s also why it’s important to install as many roof windows as possible during the build, to keep the room cool in the summer!).

And as a bonus? Your loft conversion will also act as insulation to the rest of your home, making sure that it’s warm and secure during the winter months.


Relevant heating is really important in loft conversions in the winter months. If you already have a combi boiler, you’ll have the option of extending your central heating system into your loft if the boiler is powerful enough. This is something that an experienced plumber will be able to check during the conversion process.

Alternatively, you can install oil filled radiators independently of the existing central heating system in the rest of your home, or underfloor heating, which will give a very even, cosy feel to the space.

Soft Furnishings

Of course, an easy way to make sure that your loft conversion is winter ready is to update your soft furnishings. Make sure you have good-quality curtains or blinds at windows to help trap heat in the room, and add the likes of plush throws and bedspreads to chairs and beds.

Even just adding soft furnishings in traditionally more wintery fabrics – such as tartan, for example – can help add cosy touches to the room, and so you may wish to invest in summer and winter furnishings.

Don’t be put off converting your loft for fear of what the winter months will bring. It’ll often be the case that as the newest part of the home, loft conversions are the best insulated, well-heated and therefore the warmest rooms within a home.For a free, no obligation quote, contact Bespoke Lofts for a new lease of life to your loft this winter.

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