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Feeling the Chill? How to Keep your Loft Conversion Warm this Winter

Something many a homeowner is wary of when converting their loft is the fact that traditionally loft conversions are seen as very warm in the summer, and very cold in the winter. As loft conversions are situated under the eaves of a house, it’s true they are at the point where most of the heat within the home is lost. 

However, when planning loft conversions east London wide, there are several things that can be done in order to make sure attic rooms are warm and cosy. Whether you’re planning your new loft conversion, or have an existing loft conversion, there are several options available to you to keep the chill out this winter.

Heating Options

If you’re still in the planning stages of converting your loft, then you have the opportunity to choose the best heating options for your use of the space. The usual options available for loft conversions are:

• Traditional radiators: This is an obvious choice for most and they can sometimes be run off of the existing central heating system. However, sometimes the existing system isn’t powerful enough to heat another room at the top of the house, and so you may need a new boiler or a completely new system installed. Remember that towel rails can act as radiators in bathrooms, and that all radiators take up wall space in an already small room.
• Underfloor heating: This is an excellent space-saving option which gives a luxurious, cosy underfoot feel. It doesn’t need to run off of your existing central heating system either, as it can be installed independently. It can also often be installed in retrospect to the rest of your room being finished or if you inherit a loft conversion when buying a new home.
• Electric radiators: These can either be wall mounted or free standing. They can be controlled independently of the rest of the heating within your home, and are very efficient. They also work well with solar power.

Remember that all these options work best when in conjunction with a properly insulated loft conversion. Therefore it’s important to always use a specialist loft conversion company when converting your loft.

Décor Choices

A little thing, but if you’re looking to make your room feel warmer in terms of cosiness, remember that your décor choices will help. Add warm woollen throws and blankets to chairs and beds, a luxurious shag pile rug underfoot and warm colours for your walls. These will instantly make the room more inviting and therefore make the space feel warmer.

Window Dressings

Windows account for a lot of heat loss. If you’re still in the planning stages of your loft conversion, consider triple glazing for your windows or windows that have in built temperature control. By placing your windows on the south of your property, where possible, they will capture more sunlight and will naturally heat the room.

If you’re looking to make an existing loft conversion warmer, remember that choosing thick curtains, window dressings or blinds will help to control the heat levels within the room.

If the worry of a cold room in winter is putting you off of converting your loft, speak to Bespoke Lofts. We can help with our best tips for keeping your loft conversion comfortable year round, from the planning stage right through to the inhabiting stage.

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